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Cragolossals are one of the unseen and unregistered creatures that live in the deep ocean, for unknown reasons this particular one settle down near the surface, partially over the water centuries ago. The city of Espina it’s a famous port, hanging from a series of irregular organic formations in shape of stalagmites. The city was builded hanging on different highs connected with wonderfully crafted bridges that work as connections and as tourists main atraction. Espina is a crucial port, having access to almost all materials and being 4 months away from the nearest port, even floating villages come to Espina to restock on wood, fiber, stones, fruits and all kind of valuable goods. Espinas stalagmites are actually part of the shell of a buried living Cragolossal, a creature who resembles a crab, but highly deformed by overgrow, this creatures are ancient crustaceous who manage to survive enough to become titanic in size. Cragolossals are ageless, they never die from old and keep growing on a slow pace, this specimen it’s big enough to be mistaken by a sand isle. Cragolossals this big have a particularly slow metabolism, they enter in a coma that can last hundreds of years before they reanimate and start eating. People have never seen a Cragolossal, because they are usually in the deep ocean, dealing with other monstrosities. This port was unlucky enough to install themselves on this creature who have no regard in life other than his own. Once it wakes up it will go in seek of food, yet nothing in the surface have the size to feed him. The creature have a slow moving rate, it takes him 40 hours to get on his feet, and a weeks to walk over to the nearest pit into the deep ocean.

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