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Weres are people that under the right circumstances transform into a monstrous blend of man and an animal. This could caused by a curse, a special enchantment, or through hereditary means. The most common is the werewolf, the person will transform into the wolf form once the sun has gone down, and will only turn back once it has risen again. Other common weres are werebears, werelions, and wererats. Werebears transform whenever the person feels threatened or angry, werelions transform when their pride has been hurt, and wererats transform whenever they feel greed or desire.

Basic Information


Weres retain the basic structure of a humanoid, though only barely. During transformation hair grows all over the person, bones twist and elongate, jaws are shattered them reassembled to appear more snout like. The animal form is almost always larger than the human form, the only exception being the wererat, which becomes slightely smaller.

Genetics and Reproduction

Weres can reproduce, if two Weres in human form or a human and Were in human form have a child, the affliction will be passed on to the child. If two Weres in animal form have a child, that child will only be that animal form, unable to turn human. Weres of two different species cannot reproduce, in human or animal form, so no Werebearolves or Werebions.

Growth Rate & Stages

The transformation between forms usually takes around a couple of minutes.

Ecology and Habitats

Werewolves and Werebears are most commonly found on worlds thick with forests, like Eot and Gelgoreg. The world with the largest amount of werelions would be Dorthargond, and wererats can be found in any large city if one looks long enough.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like any animal, weres need to eat, and what it eats is meat. Werebears can supplement their diet with berries and wererats can eat whatever they find in people's trash.

Biological Cycle

The werewolves have a set time for long how they are in their animal form, the other werecreatures do not. Werebears only turn back into human form when they have calmed down, werelions only revert when they believe their pride restored, and wererats when they object they desired is in their hands. The longer a were remains in animal form, the harder it is to turn back.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Weres in their animal form have increases senses of hearing and smell to reflect the animal they are imitating.

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