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Godlings are people who have received special blessings from a deity. Those blessings can be anything from reality-bending power (like flying or teleporting) to more mundane, but still cool abilities (like talking to plants or befriending every cat in the world) and are always related to the deity doing the blessing (so no dog deity will make you love cats).   Blessings are not hereditary, but they are designed to follow a godling to the rest of their soul's existence. This means whenever a godling reincarnates, the blessings reincarnate with them. Thus, spotting a godling among the general population is usually straightforward. What is not so straightforward is determining who the godling was in their previous life. Blessings are not necessarily unique to a godling, so aside from having a safe guess of which deity gave the blessing, it is not always possible to trace a godling's previous lives or reason to receive the blessing in the first place.   Unfortunately for said Godlings, every since Catharxis, the End of the World, some 2000 years ago, it has become impossible to tell who those Godlings are. With the original deities destroyed or, best case scenario, put in a deep sleep, the blessings have gone with them.   However, some of those deities seem to be awakening again. Felialma's Godlings are slowly recovering their blessings and rediscovering their identities. And in a week's time, and when the full moon graces the skies of the Tolona Peninsula, the Godlings from Canispirito will awaken too, and the old feud between the two deities will start anew.

Basic Information


Depending on the specific blessing, Godlings can look different from the usual human. Common ways this manifest is in the form of wings and other animal-like characteristics.

Genetics and Reproduction

Godlings are still mostly human. Their blessing never passes on to their children.

Biological Cycle

Godlings are prone to reincarnation, though they don't usually remember their previous lives (or, more importantly, the reason they were granted a blessing in the first place)

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Depending on the specific blessing, Godlings can have better sensory capabilities than humans, or do things like see in the dark and breath under water.

Civilization and Culture


The first records of Godlings came with founding of the world's first religion in around 960 BC (Before Catharxis, the End of the World). Each deity has created quite a few since then, but the endless reincarnation cycles mean Godlings are never more than 5% of any population.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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