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The Old Masters

The Order of Crystalsmiths is a vast organization with tens of thousands of members across the known world. Within it are those dedicated to mining the crystal, forging the crystal, selling the crystal and then there are those who seek to understand the crystal, find new ways to unlock it's power. One such group seems to have found a new way of powering the crystals, not with elemental energy, but with the souls of living beings. As they dwellt deeper into this art, they were slowly transformed into something sinister. The crystal fused with their bodies and became corrupted. The Order declared them heretics and hunted them to extinction, burning their research and every bit of knowledge they hoarded. Or so they thought. Word got out that some of them escaped and gone into hiding. The Order's investigation has led them to the ancient cradle of Hhrarish civilization: Karakor.

Basic Information


Their heights dwarf even the tallest Hhrar, but their arms and legs seems to be even slimmer, yet they can move frighteningly quickly if they so wish.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Unknown, the only facial features that can be seen through their hoods are their glowing eyes of various colors, mostly red, white and blue.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The records available place their habitat exclusively in the Yerban pyramids of Karakor.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The old masters seem to have extraordinary hearing but lack a keen smell and eyesight.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Unknown, but they possibly have a much greater understanding of living crystals than the Crystalsmiths.

Common Dress Code

Unknown, all seem to wear long, heavy and hooded robes.

Common Taboos

A diary that once belonged to one of the crystalsmith heretics tell about a frightening encounter with the old masters. The details are sketchy, but it does say that one of the heretics offered the old masters a "place in a new world order" and that they should join forces to conquer the city first, telling it about the great discoveries they made with living crystals. After a brief look at it's comrades, one of the old masters muttered something in it's strange, raspy language (they understand human and hhrar languages, but do not speak in it) and looked the heretic very closely in the eye. The heretic and the old master stared at eachother for a brief moment that seemed like an hour. Then, out of nowhere the heretic started speaking the old masters language, pointed a finger at her fellows while laughing manically and slit her own throat.


From what the Order's investigators could piece together it was revealed that the heretics were dealing with a previously unknown group of beings they only referred to as "the old masters". It seems that the heretics found the old masters in Karakor after years of searching in the hopes of gaining knowledge about living crystals. What they found was.. Not exactly what they expected, but it looks like they swore allegiance to the old masters and gained considerable power. In the old masters' service, they performed unusual rituals, experiemented on animals, hhrar and humans and created artifacts from living crystals. It is obvious they were preparing for something.
Average Height
3-4 meters

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