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Stella Flos Cibum

The Stella Flos Cibum (which means "Star Flower of Meat" in Latin, name given to them due to their snout) are a species of humanoid moles that came from other regions of the world to secretly take care of the Rosea Testudines in the Underground Merchant Facility. Few of the Stella Flos Cibum are born in Underground Merchant Facility due to the lack of encouragement given to the permanent residents to raise a family because to the constant overpopulation within the Underground Commerce Facility, so most of the permanent residents are Stella Flos Cibum that come from other islands in search of a better career perspective. They are a bilingual species whose mother tongue is Latin but who over time learned English due to the economic relations they maintain with humans and other species that have English as their official language. Due to their long life span, they usually stay awake during five years and then sleep during one year, but their sleep cycle can vary depending of their emotional estate or their individual lifestyle.

Basic Information


The Stella Flos Cibum have strong and athletic body, that is composed by a large round head, two narrow legs, long and robust arms, broad hips, and two large hands and feet with five fingers and long claws. Their eyes are large and have grayish pupils due to their blindness. Their fur is short and rigid, and it serves them to deal with the cold and humid climate of their underground trenches. They have a giant red snout, which has eighteen long, gray whiskers and around twenty flexible and wide tentacles. They have a long, thin tail covered of dark brown scales, and it is tough enough that they can use it to hit an attacker without hurting it. In the case of the female Stella Flos Cibum, they have a brown-wheat fur, a broad chest, a thin waist and measure around one hundred and thirty centimeters; whereas the male Stella Flos Cibum have brown-coffee fur, a long and flat torso, a wide waist and measure about one hundred and forty centimeters. Each Stella Flos Cibum weighs around seventy five kilograms and their bones are as hard as a trunk.

Genetics and Reproduction

This species has only one possibility of reproducing sexually at the age of one hundred and fifty. Most of the Stella Flos Cibum that live in the Underground Merchant Facility decides not to have children due to the overpopulation of the place where they live, and the few who decide to have children go with their partner to other acquaintances in the world to start a family. The woman of the couple is going to give birth one year and six months after conceiving a offspring.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Stella Flos Cibum eat mainly fruits such as the Viridi Coccymelum, Fuchsia Gingiberi and Fragum Aurantiaco from their plantations in the Underground Merchant Facility; although they may get to eat Autumnus Arborem Aeterna leafs or soft meat of animals such as Rosea Testudines' flesh at times when they don´t have enough resources to feed themselves with. All Stella Flos Cibum have access to all these types of foods, regardless of the circumstances in which they find themselves or what caste they belong to; but the amount of food they consume will depend on the status they have in their respective castes. They have a considerably slow metabolism, so they only need to eat kilograms per week in order to survive.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Stella Flos Cibum are organized under a caste system in which all castes have the same amount of influence and power while the benefits and rights of each Stella Flos Cibum depend on the status they have within their respective castes. Each caste is exclusively responsible for a reduced number of tasks and duties that were assigned to them since they arrived to Underground Merchant Facility, for which a Stella Flos Cibum can only rise socially within the caste in which they belong and aren´t allowed to integrate into another caste. The castes that compose this system are: *Stella Flos Cibum Caretakers: They are responsible for monitoring the Rosea Testudines Vēlla and ensure that they receive all the care they deserve by decree. They have to provide the Vēlla with basic education in Latin, give the Vēlla the proper amount of food they diarly need, making sure that the Vēlla are constantly hydrated and clan the ears of the Vēlla so that they don´t get infected with microbes. Each Stella Flos Cibum Caretaker is in charge of taking care of four Vēlla, and the main factor that determines the status of a Stella Flos Cibum within this caste is the amount of time that is kept awake to care for the Vēlla; this motivates them to alter their sleep cycle to the point where the highest-ranking Stella Flos Cibum Caretakers sleep one hour and are awake during one hour in order to be able to constantly monitor the Vēlla and maintain their rank. *Stella Flos Cibum Guards: They are responsible of observing the behavior of all the Rosea Testudines and of choosing the most obedient Rosea Testudines Vēlla and the Rosea Testudines Vīcī to be sold as reserve animals or slaves by the Stella Flos Cibum Merchants. They are also responsible for rehabilitating the rebellious Rosea Testudines Vīcī or reporting them to the Stella Flos Cibum Scientist so that they eliminate them before they cause an uproar among the other Rosea Testudines and choose the least useful Vissen to be executed by the Stella Flos Cibum Scientist. Another of their responsabilities is being in charge of monitoring other Stella Flos Cibum and reporting them if they break any of the rules of the Three Constitution of the Underground Merchant Facility so that they get tortured by the Stella Flos Cibum Scientist. In order to gain status within this caste, a Stella Flos Cibum must be able to rehabilitate three out of four rebel Rosea Testudines Vīcī; in addition, they must be able to cover extended work shifts, like in the case of the high-ranking Stella Flos Cibum Guards, who are able to have work shifts that last fifteen years and whose breaks last for a month. They usually have to sleep standing in the same corridors that they watch over in the case that someone that needs their help will easily find them in the middle of their rest. *Stella Flos Cibum Scientist: They are responsible for monitoring the development of the Rosea Testudines Vīllae, doing weekly health checks to the Rosea Testudines Vīcī and Rosea Testudines Vissen, and doing annual health checks to the Rosea Testudines Vēlla in order to qualify the work of the Stella Flos Cibum Caretakers. In addition, they are responsible for killing the Vissen chosen by the Stella Flos Cibum Guards using the Crusta Comprimens to maintain the population level of the Underground Merchant Facility and so that the Stella Flos Cibum Merchants can sell the exoskeletons of the Vissen as armor for humans. They are also the ones who torture the Stella Flos Cibum traitors with the Crusta Comprimens and they are in charge of choosing the Vēlla that they must eliminate in each litter of Rosea Testudines using formaldehyde to turn them into decorative objects that the Flos Cibum Merchants to sell. To gain a higher social status, a Stella Flos Cibum Scientist must be willing to do the most immoral works of the caste, such as the systematic slaughter of Rosea Testudines; if a Stella Flos Cibum manages to be one of the ten Stella Flos Cibum Scientists with the highest rank, it will be granted the access to a Crustamens, but if it is one of the three Stella Flos Cibum Scientists with the highest rank, it could have total belonged on a Crustamens. *Stella Flos Cibum Merchants: They are responsible for crafting some minor products like tea and paints, checking the status and conditions of the Underground Merchant Facility and its population through annual researches, selling everything produced in the Underground Merchant Facility, promoting the Underground Merchant Facility in other regions of the world where have Stella Flos Cibum to be able to convince them to work in the Underground Merchant Facility and become permanent residents, and maintain the economic reactions with human beings. In this caste, a Stella Flos Cibum gains status depending on the amount of income they are able to bring to the Underground Merchant Facility and how many new residents are able to recruit with their own propaganda.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Because they are partially blind since birth, the Stella Flos Cibum use the tentacle of their snouts to detect the electric fields of other animals. In addition, the whiskers of the Stella Flos Cibum serve to locate objects in low light environments.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

The Stella Flos Cibum Caretakers use a rack and wide shorts made with the green husks of Viridi Coccymelum, which gives a flexible and slippery consistency, similar to rubber. They use clothes made with that type of fruit as a form of expressing their values of self-effacement and emotional transparency, due to the Viridi Coccymelum being a plant of mass production, therefore, very common in the Underground Merchant Facility. In addition, they use gloves made with the skin of Rosea Testudines in order to deceive the Vēlla by making them believe that they belong to the same species. The Stella Flos Cibum Guards use a button-down shirt made of white husks of the Viridi Coccymelum, which gives it a smooth and resistant texture, similar to leather; and use small stones as buttons to tie up their shirt. They also wear bell bottom pants made with leaves of Fuchsia Gingiberi, which gives the ants a Bordeaux color and a rigid and hard consistency, like plastic. They dress up like that to give the impression that they are harsh and morally strict to other Stella Flos Cibum, due to the Fuchsia Gingiberi´s leaves being known to produce irritation if it is constantly rubbed against the skin. They are the only caste that doesn´t use gloves under any circumstance as a way to show their direct attitude towards every situation they are involve in. Los Stella Flos Cibum Scientist use a short sleeves shirt, a long robe, and tight pants made of Fragum Aurantiaco´s leaves, which gave them an orange color and a soft consistency, similar to velvet. They use that type of clothes in order to lure other Stella Flos Cibum into trusting them despite being the only caste that has access to tools that they can use to kill and torture their own species with, due to the bright colors and softness of the Fragum Aurantiaco´s leaves. And in some cases, they use gloves made of imported black wool in order to protect their hands while using a Crusta Comprimens. The Stella Flos Cibum Merchants use large yellow tunics made of wool that they buy from other species while trading. In some cases, they also use shoes, gloves and necklaces made of stones or even metal. The reason why they use clothes made with things that they don´t produce is to show the other Stella Flos Cibum the extent of their international affairs. And due to how difficult it is for them to afford metal, there is a very common assumption that the more metal a Stella Flos Cibum Merchant uses as accessories, the wealthier that Stella Flos Cibum is.

Historical Figures

Mole: The rescuer and the caretaker of the original Rosea Testudo, and the writer of Rosea Testudines Iura. Russel: One of the two sons of Mole who took care of the second and third generation of Rosea Testudines, the first Stella Flos Cibum Scientist, writer of the Homo Lumbricidae Economic Precium, and co-founder of the Underground Merchant Facility. Claudio: One of the two sons of Mole who took care of the second and third generation of Rosea Testudines, the first Stella Flos Cibum Caretaker, writer of the Rosea Testudines Moderari Hominum, and co-founder of the Underground Merchant Facility.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Due to the Three Constitution of Underground Merchant Facility, the Stella Flos Cibum are forbidden to have a Rosea Testudo as a partner, as it would be considered as a violation towards the integrity of the mentioned Rosea Testudo because the Rosea Testudines are unaware of their type of reproduction system so a Stella Flos Cibum could abuse them by taking advantage of their lack of information. If a Stella Flos Cibum has any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with a Rosea Testudo, it will be tortured with the Crusta Comprimens. The Stella Flos Cibum are allowed to have long-distance relationships of any kind with a creature of another species, but because the Underground Merchant Facility does not accept inhabitants of another species, they must go live with their partners to another region of the world if they want to initiate a family.
Scientific Name
Homo Condylura Cristata

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