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The Buried and Forgotten

By Marionette Du Auguste
The Catacombs were sealed long ago...the seal was broken perhaps a thousand years after that...and that which was buried, meant to be forgotten, was freed, at least in part, to wander to the surface. What are they? For now they are just shapes, figures dancing on the edge of light and shadow, but every day there are more of them, and every day they come a little more into focus...a little closer to the light...they escaped when the catacombs were opened, that much we suspect...but how much longer until they're fully freed? It might be days, weeks, months...but the priests and mages agree, they're coming closer, faster, and we have less than a year before they get here...

Basic Information


Appearing as figures on the edge of light and shadow, these beings take many shapes and sizes (such as many-legged arthropods or feathered cephalopods) though the majority appear to be relatively humanoid and skeletally thin.

Genetics and Reproduction


Growth Rate & Stages


Ecology and Habitats

Currently these phenomena have only appeared on the edge of light and shadow, though they appear to currently be migrating closer to the light.

Dietary Needs and Habits

On a few occasions, these beings have been observed coming into physical contact with a living creature (most often rats and other vermin, though on one occasion a human). Upon contact the living being immediately died and shriveled up into a heavily desiccated state. Afterwards the phenomena which had initiated the contact was observed to be definitively more distinct and clearly defined. It is theorized that this may be feeding behavior, however not enough data has been collected to come to a definitive conclusion.

Biological Cycle


Additional Information

Social Structure


Facial characteristics


Geographic Origin and Distribution

found predominantly within Lightenward, though limited sightings have been observed in communities throughout the Lumenreich caldera.

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities


Civilization and Culture


The Buried and Forgotten are the souls of the former weapons of war created by the gods and sealed away in the catacombs. As such, they resent their role as cannon fodder for the gods and, as they were too powerful to exterminate outright, seek to escape their prison beneath Lichtenward. They are the precursor War weapons to those that would later become humans.
Scientific Name
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
Average Physique
thin and skeletal (when humanoid)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
almost more a space in the shape of something rather than an actual something. Ergo, transparent.

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