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The ZaTol or translated strange demon. They are beings whose powers cannot be truly understood nor can they be truly seen as well

Basic Information


The ZaTol appear as featureless humans, with furious Crimson eyes which give off an blood red glow which exudes anger that seems to be eternally trying to devour the order which makes reality consistent. They body is made from ethereal shadows which have infinite inky black depth to them like that of an abyss. Radiating from their body are shadowy flames which give off a light that's devours light giving way to nothingness as if the light did not exist in the first, seemingly breaking the rules of reality. leaving the mind of the beholder confused to as what it is Seeing.

Genetics and Reproduction

ZaTol do not reproduce nor can they. they are eternally stuck as at their current population if one dies they will never be another ZaTol to replace it

Ecology and Habitats

For the as long as there is air for ZaTol to manifest in, they can live and manifest anywhere.

Dietary Needs and Habits

the ZaTol feast upon not to that of flesh nor that which is material they feast upon the life force or soul of living beings. To the ZaTol the greater a beings intelligence the greater their soul is. so as a result of this is ZaTol do not feast upon vegetation or simple beasts but instead upon the many intelligent races of the world and to savor their meals they use their powers to create a bubble of what can be best described as slowed time around their victim

Biological Cycle

The ZaTol have a hibernation period in which In where they digest their food so to speak. This hibernation period varies depending on how large of a feast that they have had sometimes they can go up to 10 years to digest their food

Additional Information

Social Structure

The ZaTol are highly social creatures and enjoy the company of other ZaTol immensely. it would be quite rare for a ZaTol to be on its own for the most part they stay in groups of 2 to 4 and when there is a big feasts they congregates in up to the hundreds

Facial characteristics

Although ZaTol appear like a human's shadow. They lack any defined features like that of nose or ears. The only feature that appears upon a ZaTol head is that of their furious Crimson eyes

Geographic Origin and Distribution

ZaTol because of their ethereal nature and incomprehensible powers there able to move from one side of GoZaMa to the other in almost but an instant. But the favorite land to inhabit is that of DasNeNo but the reason for this being there favorite land is unknown. But in the legend that's the DasNeNo'en believe, DasNeNo was the birthplace of the ZaTol who are supposedly to the DasNeNo'en were the firstborn of all life.

Average Intelligence

Their intelligence is greater than that of the many material races. Although they do not truly utilize this intelligence for much more than being an mischievous pests when they are bored or to torment the horrible.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

ZaTol are able to peer into one's dreams manipulating and whispering words into your dream causing nightmares. They can see no matter how much light there is and can even see one's life force or soul through walls. They can speak to one another without words through what can be best described as telepathy. Their their sense of smell is incredibly powerful when it comes to minerals especially to that of rock salt for which they have a displeasure of.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Because of their ability to peer into the minds and dreams of the other intelligent races they usually use the most common tongue or dialect in the area they at the time inhabit.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The ZaTol have a culture of merriment. Any and all traditions or culture that they have has to do with the enjoyment of the life and the enjoyment of feasts parties games and especially alcohol ZaTol absolutely adore alcohol

Common Taboos

For The ZaTol there is only but one taboo and that is to feast upon an another ZaTol such actions are considered horrific and unthinkable


The history of the ZaTol is truly unknown and what is to be said to be there history is only hearsay and the legend. This is due to the fact that the ZaTol rarely speak to the still living and nor do they have any intention of really sharing anything about themselves.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

ZaTol although they do devour upon the intelligence races. They do so with no malicious intent towards the many races they are simply are another living creature which requires subsidence and fundamentally fears death. Also unlike their nightmare inducing, reality breaking appearance they actually are fairly friendly and kind hearted. So in truth they do not like devouring upon the still living but instead upon the dying their favorites feeding grounds are those of battlefields, the starving slums, or disease cities. They also invite the main courses so to speak to their feasts which are large parties of joviality ZaTol enjoying alcohol, games and good company.   ZaTol also despise senseless slaughter, slavery or the intentional exploitation of the fellow intelligent races. So as a result of this hatred of these horrors they many of times use their strange and alien powers to bring justice upon the enslaver or slaughterer. They will do this via the raising of the dead who wish revenge upon those whose slaughtered them senselessly, or by forcing the unrepentant to feel the horror, the hatred, the mind crushing sorrow of those whom they have killed and enslaved. Or last of all they'll simply plague the dreams of the unrepentant causing them to be unable to sleep slowly driving them insane.
Scientific Name
Umbra Daemuonium
EZaTol, ZaTol

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21 Aug, 2018 23:41

In reference to the fact that the ZaTol can't reproduce. You mention that their population can never grow, only dwindle. That leads me to wonder how they got to whatever their current population number is now. I assume you meant this to be part of their mysterious history, but I was curious if you had considered it.

22 Aug, 2018 08:56

in Truth the population is fairly consistent and proximately stays the same for the most part .this is mostly due to the fact that that they don't died old age, nor can you really put us a sword through them seeing as there for their most part ethereal, the only real way for them to die is to starve or exhaust themselves by using the powers too much. so ja you are correct their population is supposed be that of a mystery, but I will say the population was never a very big one at least not compared to other races

22 Aug, 2018 08:57

Go take a look at the related myth for a potential answer