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The Vrok’sha

“They are mortal, same as you n’ me. You gotta have some aim if you want to hit em, if you can even see them, that is.   I got my lucky shot, and look at what it cost me. An arm, a leg, an eye and even my damn kidney, all in a split second.   What’s it gonna cost you?”

Basic Information


During the day Vrok'sha are forced to walk as men, anatomically undistinguishable from humans.   When the Vrok’sha fall asleep at night, they undergo a radical morphological change. The extent of this change is unknown, however, as Vrok’sha are completely invisible to the naked eye in this state. After this transformation, the Vrok'sha become active again.   Based on the remains of its prey, it can be safely said that the Vrok'sha are three things:   Large, strong, and savage.

Genetics and Reproduction

Vrok'sha release pheromones during February to attract other Vrok'sha of the opposite sex. The gestation period is 9 months, which helps it blend even better within the human populace.

Growth Rate & Stages

Vrok'sha in their human forms grow at the same rate as humans, although the same cannot be said for their true forms. These forms grow to their full size in three years, possessing a savage cunning not present in their human forms. Subsequent years only sharpen its intellect.

Ecology and Habitats

Vrok'sha prefer boreal forests and northern cities as their habitats, as it allows them to use their surroundings to hide and ambush their prey. Typically, Vrok'sha live in close proximity to both of these habitats, as cities afford protection for their human form and the forest provides sustenance. Cities are also home to so many prey items just walking about...

Dietary Needs and Habits

Vrok'sha in their true forms are strictly carnivorous, requiring enormous amounts of flesh to fuel their restless existence. They hunt large mammals, such as Deer, Elk, Bison, Moose, Humans, and sometimes even Bears. Vrok'sha are ambush predators, using their stealth and incredible strength to take down even the largest of prey items.

Additional Information

Social Structure

In their human forms, the Vrok'sha imitate the human social structure. Vrok'sha in their true forms lead solitary lives, only seeking out other Vrok'sha for the purpose of mating.

Average Intelligence

The Vrok'sha posses a cunning intelligence that matches or exceeds those of the ordinary human, using said intellect to place themselves in positions of power and to set up traps for their prey. Sometimes, these situations are one and the same.   After all, many people go missing in Blackwood at night...

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Vrok'sha hunt using a combination of heat-sensing pits, sound, and smell, allowing them to hunt even in the deepest of winter snows.

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26 Aug, 2018 08:53

Some information on how they differ from humans in social and cultural ways would be nice to see. The article could also benefit quite heavily from an image of what the Vrok'sha look like in their real form.

26 Aug, 2018 16:36

Thanks for the feedback! Unsure how I would depict the Vrok’sha, since they are invisible. Predator style blurring maybe?

26 Aug, 2018 09:28

I am intrigued but a little bit confused by their day/night cycle.
It sounds to me as if they are by day more or less normal humans. Are they aware of their true nature? Then at night, you say they both fall asleep and the Vrok'sha become active. Would this essentially mean they never sleep?
It does sound as if the Vrok'shah are very powerful and superiors. Why do they hide in the first place? Are there colonies of only Vrok'Shah? If not, why? I would be eager to see those details added to your article.

Welcome to Ekozia!
26 Aug, 2018 23:14

Thank you for the feedback! Yes, the Vrok’sha basically never sleep. I will add details in order to better illustrate the nature of the Vrok’sha

26 Aug, 2018 10:15

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeird. I like weird!   I'd put some sort of overview of what the article is about and what they are in about a sentence or two beneath the quote to give us a hook what this is all about.   Are they akin to vampires like the Penanggalan or manananggal, who are actually mortal but undergo a change during the night, or are they a totally non-human species that just looks like humans?   How smart are they? I assume if they can hide in human society, they're about on par with humans, but maybe adding something about their behavior and ways among humans? :)

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