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The Ein have existed since the first thought. Whether they were created by the first races or simply attracted to the now noisy psionic vibrations from beyond this world is impossible to determine.   It is said, their true form is so beautiful that they render their beholders permanently comatose, and that even their presence alone is enough to cause expedient aging in most living things.   There comes a strange notion in regards to the Ein, however. They have remained hidden from all things since the beginning. Their greatest defense is also their most peculiar quality. Their voice. Using their voice, they are able to take on the form of any living thing that can produce thought, at least in all known forms of perception. An Ein's ability to blend in amongst the inhabitants of the world lay in its ability to mold thought, to cause all that surround it to perceive it in a form of it's choosing.   As terrifying as it may seem, there is an even darker agenda to be discovered...

Basic Information


Thought to be anomalous entities resultant from the dawn of conscious thought, their anatomy is almost completely unknown.   Their true form can only be pieced together from what few eyewitness reports could be gathered.   (Please note, those questioned were miraculously brought to consciousness from a comatose state.)   "It had a face more beautiful than all the gods- in a moment, and only for one moment, I understood my purpose... Our purpose."   "It had wings, I think. They appeared to be made of some kind of organic energy, like plasma, or fire. To call it spectacular is an understatement."   "I heard so many voices when it spoke. I had lived a hundred lifetimes, so it felt. I know I will soon die, and fear it not."   (Records show there is at least one more put together report of The Ein)   "I awoke on a stone slab atop an opaline pyramid. As I shook off my incredible headache, I walked to the nearest edge when I saw them. A magnificent flurry of flying creatures, all moving through the air like a school of sea medusae. Whispers surrounded me on all sides as licks of plasmic energy seemed to flow from their backs of its own volition. I tried to focus my sight, but it was in vain. Their rough shape appeared to be humanoid- sometimes. At moments, they had one head and four limbs. At other moments, they had two sets of each or more. Some became more complex than others, contorting and collapsing inwards as if some kind of gelatin or ooze. It was only at that point I realized they were conjoining and separating from each other in some kind of unsettling harmony. I could no longer be sure that I was looking at more than one being anymore. They look for sure to be separate, but each and every one seemed so familiar..."

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Ein feed on thought, or perhaps the turbulence of sentient society. Whatever the case, they use their abilities to produce an exorbitant amount of both. It forages its sustenance from the collective machinations of men, elves and all other races on Alithis, all the while securing their own longevity.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Ein sense through thought though it is hard to place to what extent this may be. Some argue it is all that they are and so through it, they perceive all things. Others, however, believe that they are simply drawn to it as a source of food and that their senses come from proprietary organs, but none know for sure. It is only known that they can perceive all of our known senses if not more beyond the scope of our comprehension.
Scientific Name
Xenoturbellis, Chorosalis, Eino Singularae

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