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Vampires are servants of Valmag, the Dark Lord of death and decay. Ages ago, people who turned to the darkness and who wished to serve it were given this "blessing" from their dark Master, causing them to live forever, but burn in the presence of the light. They wear dark hoods if they must leave whatever dark place they reside in. They will also go out and search for victims, whom they will kill at the chance, and later feast on their flesh and drink of their blood. Vampires can bestow the gift of vampirism to the few whom they respect or those who wish to serve their dark Master, Valmag.   The first of the vampires (whom is also their leader) is an Elf known as Lord Vaurvil, who shunned the light, and was given the gift of vampirism by Valmag during the First Era. He and many others recieved this gift, and they would hide for many ages up until the Third Era and the rise of men. Men were turned to darkness and became vampires, bring death and decay wherever they went. They would hide among the populous, walking among them until they found their next victims, and would strike fear into people's hearts. After the fall of Anúrendor, the vampires would begin to hunt even more, in an attempt to bring down what remained of men. But people have become aware of their presence, and their are some who wish to end their indirect tyrrany.

Basic Information


Vampires have long, pointed canines that can absorb liquids like blood, red eyes and have the ability to turn into bats at will.

Genetics and Reproduction

Vampires rarely have children.

Ecology and Habitats

Vampires live in dark areas. Many live in the ruins of large building like castles and manors.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Cannibalistic, needs blood in particular. Hunts prey.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Weak to sunlight (burns their skin, turns them to ash after long periods of time), enhanced senses, ability to use necrotic magics.
Any, mainly human or elf

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