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Midstar (Old Draft Version, pls dont read)

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To the east, the Elves reside in the forests and wilderness. To the West, the Dwarfs toil and work under their mountain homes. To the south, Halflings tend to their farms and livestock. And in the middle, Men live in the shadow of their former glory. In the land of Odránidir, a darkness that has shunned the light is brewing. Few have known until now. People don't introduce themselves to anyone new. Mothers keep their children in doors. Outsiders are looked upon with skepticism. If action is not taken, all shall be lost...     Midstar is one of the six realms of the Realmstar cosmology. It is in the center of the 5 elemental realms of Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Life. These elemental realms are the origins of all elements from which the world of Midstar was born. They were created by the Makers: Ibus, Ironin, Vyro, Equor and Azahr, who were brought first into being by Yahnírran, the Great Creator. There are many other gods and goddesses the people follow, who are descended from Yahnírran.   On Midstar reside the races of Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings and Men. These races are hated by the ones birthed by the darkness, such as goblins, trolls and the defecting dragons. The continent that these races reside on is Odránidir, the Blessed Land. The people live on the eastern half of the land. There are other lands as well, such as the the the Wildlands to the southeast, a home to exotic plants and creatures, and Trorah Dahniirez, the Dragonlands, to the far west.