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The Nebalos

The Shadow Over Fishbowl

Not To be confused with Changelings, these half fish, half man-monsters seek to topple society in Fishbowl.

Basic Information


Fish-like in nature, with large sharp teeth and hunched posture. Able to shapeshift into any race or object. They usually have large spikes protruding out of their green scaly backs.

Genetics and Reproduction

Slowly turns humans into Nebalos. Creating Hybrids.   They are also sort of a corrupted version of a Slaad, captured by the Aboleths to control Fishbowl Society. Meaning they secretly wounds inflicted by the claws or bite of a Nebalos can be deadly, as eggs begin to grow in the chest of the victim.

Growth Rate & Stages

They start as tadpoles secretly kept away to keep up the facade that the Humans control Fishbowl, then they slowly growing enough to be able to shapeshift into a human toddler and continue growing from there.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They can't eat Human food, severely limiting their population. But they have been slowly creating Hybrids, to further their hold on the city.

Biological Cycle

Their mostly immortal, not invulnerable, but they can't die of natural causes. The reason they don't completely overrun the Human population is that of a fatal flaw in their genetic makeup.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have black voids of eyes, similar to that of fish. Like said before, they have the ability to shapeshift at will to any object or person.

Civilization and Culture


The Nebalos was created by the Aboleths to remove the Human filth off of L'Borean but overtime the Aboleths have seen the use of Humans. Having secret cults and organizations all over the city secretly feeding them power and belief which can increase an Aboleth's magic. The Nebalos' are just priests of the Aboleths, who secretly carry out the wishes of the creators.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
They usually take the form of humans, when not, they have green scales.
Average Height
4 ft
Average Weight

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