The Hidden Folk

So, by now, you have a general idea of the Fae that reside in Nashville/Summer Kingdom. Now question: Why? Think back to all that talent in the city. Think they're all humans? Not anymore eh? Now don't get me wrong, many of the humans there are in fact talented. However, not all are talented thanks to hard work, hour upon hours of practice, dedication and focus, no. In fact, many have been gifted by the Fae. Now one can wonder why. Well there's a myriad of reasons. Some of the Fae enjoy the entertainment. You see, unlike the Fae, humans are quite naturally gifted with creativity where as the Fae continue along repeating old patterns. Much hasn't changed with them. So anything new delights them. Enter the mindless entertainment that is the human race. Now some of you are thinking "Well that ain't so bad. Sing a few songs and get cool talents. Not a bad deal. Especially if I'm world famous!" Me thinks you have not paid clear enough attention. Now hear this, it is NEVER GOOD do deal with the Fae. Even if you think you came out on top of a deal, nine times out of ten, you didn't. In fact, you probably ended up being a collosal idiot. Hey, it's the harsh truth but you're the one who made the deal. Oh speaking of, regarding deals and any laws that all the Fae abide by. Remember this: There is no such thing as the spirit of the law, only the letter of the law. You think you've met some rules lawyers? Buddy, that ain't nothing to the Fae. Even the best mortal lawyer in the world would be played like marionette in the world of the Fae. They all enjoy playing with the laws of thier relms and the words spoken in a deal almost as much as they enjoy playing with humans. Almost. Another good rule to go by, never think anything is freely given by the Fae. Not even a cup of water sitting on your side of the table. Accept nothing. If you do, you'll find yourself bound to thier service unwittingly and most assuredly unwillingly.


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