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Part-Human Aurelians

Created by SnailCreature
This world once belonged to my ancestors. We are taught to believe that humans were long dead before aurelians arrived, but they weren't. In fact, they came face to face with each other. And the result was a decades long war that wiped humanity from the face of Eonan. But, some slipped the net. Some long forgotten group of aurelians fell in love with the humans. And thus my line was forged. Part original, part usurper.
- Anonymous   Aurelians are taught that their species arrived on a planet barren of dominant life forms, however this is far from the truth. Humans and aurelians fought a battle for dominance, and the invading force won. However, wherever there is war there is also a want for peace. Some aurelians sought a union of the species so that they could coexist. Despite their attempts at negotiation, humans were wiped out, and those that had become friends or lovers to aurelians were forced into hiding. And so a second, secret, hybrid species emerged and survived alongside the aurelians on Eonan. And some of them are angry.   For the most part, their biological traits and abilities are the same as aurelians

Basic Information


Their base morphology and body-layout is identical to "pure" aurelians , however they have the ability to slightly alter how they look, changing their height and limb lengths by a few inches, and changing their skin colour to be more human. This does, however, take significant concentration.

Genetics and Reproduction

This is all written for those part-humans who have the rare gene combination, of two human recessive alleles. Most part-humans don't know that they are part-human. The fastest way to find out if an aurelian is part human is to expose them to knot paper for longer than the recommended time. Doing so will produce a unique colour on the paper: a deep orange.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As with "pure" aurelians , part-humans have minor preminatory abilities, but they can only sense danger up to 3 days in advance.

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