the other kind

The other kind are a subspecies of the human race that evolved in the neverending dark of the world that lies in the underground. Over thousands of years the other kind has preserved the advances of the Ancient that so suddenly vanished from this world. When the first team of adventurer went out to the surface, the other kind found a world ravaged by wars of petty kings and lords that rule over barbaric nations and the other kind was not pleased. For over 200 years the other kind has infiltrated the nations of the humans and placed thier agents. Someday the Commissariat might decide that the time of the Ascension has come and than the cleaning might beginn.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

  • pale skin
  • light sensitive eyes
  • blue or grey pupils
  • blonde, white or grey hair
  • rather stocky

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

  • the Enlightened Path
  • the Commissariat
  • Bureau for Reconnaissance and Prevention
  • Bureau for Clearance and Cleaning

Beauty Ideals


  • brawny
  • brown eyes
  • grey hair
  • big hands
  • small
  • shaved
  • face tattoos


  • tall
  • well trained
  • gracefully
  • grey eyes
  • long black hair
  • shaved
  • face tattoos

Gender Ideals


The males of the other kind are expected to fight for the cause either as bureaucrats to organise the Ascension or as front-line soldiers in the Bureau for Clearance and Cleaning. A male that invests time in activities that arn't related to the cause or its physical improvment is regarded as a coward and can easily become an outcast.


Females are expected to become scientiest, teachers, artist and bear the parental duties. When a female is wife to a man that is regarded a cowerd, she has to enlist in the Bureau for Reconnaissance and Prevention and erase the shame that her husband brought upon him.

Average Technological Level

The other kind has managed to keep the technological advances the Ancient had bevore they vanished. The other kind can bring futuristic tech like railguns, nuclear fusion or genmanipulation to use and is often just restricted by a lack of the required ressources. Genmanipulation as a means to infiltrate the societys of the surface and to avoid disabled offsprings is the only tech the other kind uses abundently.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The other kind views the remaining humans on the surface as inferior barbarians. Koexisting or having friendly relations with them is out of the picture.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens sub terra
Northern European, presumably German or Danish
80 years
Average Height
1.5 meters
Average Weight
59 kg


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