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The Changeling

"Hush now. No need to worry, you'll be alright. No one will even realize you've gone."
— Rin, a changeling
  The Changeling is a mysterious and unusual race in the realms of Merkia with the ability to change its appearance to mimic that of any individual. Often mistaken for their monstrous cousins the Doppelganger, they tend to suffer persecution by other races who see their abilities as a threat. Regardless people often find it hard to trust changelings, and while their talents make them natural spies and criminals, in reality, a changeling is just as likely as any creature to turn to good or evil with many using their abilities to simply live peaceful lives in secret.

Basic Information


Changelings are humanoid in design and can look like anyone at any time. In their natural form, they are incredibly slender with indisticnt features.

Biological Traits

The changeling has the natural ability to shapeshift into any humanoid form it has seen. This is a purely cosmetic transformation and doesnt bestow any of the racial traits of the form. When a changeling dies it reverts back to its true form.

Genetics and Reproduction

Like their ancestors the Doppelganger, many Changelings reproduce with other species rather than their own. They will take the form of attractive individuals to do this. Unlike the Doppelganger however a Changeling will actively take part in raising its child.

Growth Rate & Stages

The child of a changeling appears to be a normal member of its non-changeling parent's species until it reaches adolescence. Once this occurs their true nature is revealed. While this can sometimes be traumatic for the child their Changeling parent will support them.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Changelings have a very lose social structure due to their small numbers. When there is a particularly high concentration of Changelings in one are they may form a “clan”. This is a voluntary association of changelings grouped together for mutual protection rather than a group of blood relatives. Clan heads govern by the consent of the clan, and this position tends to change hands frequently.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Changelings can be found in small numbers in all the civilized lands of Merkia. They are most commonly found in large cities, where they can find many opportunities in the criminal underworld, though many find more respectable work as entertainers, government agents, and sometimes adventurers. One of the largest Changeling clans to exist was located in Highcliff and went undiscovered for several centuries.
40 - 50 years
Average Height
5'7" - 6'0"
Average Weight
120-160 lbs
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
White skin and hair with black rings around their eyes

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