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One of the four progenitor species born from the essence of Vasahldey. However, where the other three species are made to channel an aspect of magic, the Gridel were made with an absence of any magic and thus an absence of soul power. This leaves the Gridel with a constant hunger for the power of souls. To accomplish this, a piece of the Gridel will latch on to a creature and tempt it with whispers to do their bidding. Once the infected give in and follow the Gridel's orders, the Gridel can take hold of their host's mind and soul. The Gridel are both many and one being, each piece that splits from the central whole becomes an independent, thinking being, but will always have a psychic connection to the rest of the Gridel.

Basic Information


The Gridel possess no distinct body shape, merely a gray, amorphous mass of ooze that molds to whatever or whomever they have infected. The Gridel speak to themselves and other beings through a form of telepathy.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Gridel increase their mass by taking over progressively larger beings and absorbing their form. The Gridel possess no gender or sex, reproducing asexually y splitting off parts of its body.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Gridel are ravenous, but patient. The creatures trapped on their half of the severed branch have sustained the main mass for centuries, but now they are beginning to run out of energy. The sudden opening of new travel routes between the branches have granted them an opportunity to a veritable buffet of magic to consume.

Additional Information

Social Structure


Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Gridel's primary mass is wrapped around the severed half of the Atskella branch floating through the Primordial Expanse. Every so often, it will send a piece of itself hurtling into Vasahldey. This is the reason that shooting stars are omens of disaster rather than something to wish upon.

Average Intelligence

The Gridel and it's pieces have their intelligence scale with the mass and complexity of the beings they consume.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Gridel possess no eyes and can only perceive the world through vibrations and sensing magical soul energy.
Infinite (theoretically)

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