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Sexually Reproduced Proioxis

Sexually reproduced Proioxis (SRP) from birth are trained to hid the method of there conception. This means that in all interactions with Proioxis outside of the secret network of SRP is done for inside there suits.   SRP normally existed in the poor stations to keep a low profile. These stations consist of only SRP and allies who are ok with there existence.   Staying hidden isn't just to avoid the offence of others but because the main religion Primordialism of in the Pavo Grouping cracks down hard of any cell formed actively yet alone sexual reproduce.

Basic Information


They are small and round like a spineless Hedgehog with a large brain, though they are all round larger and more sturdy bodies than the asexually reproduced Proioxis.

Growth Rate & Stages

Similar to the other Proioxis they grow to full size adults in 5 years and remain in good health for minimum another 150 years. Though unlike the asexually reproduced they can live long past this some still alive after 300 plus years though in a weaker/frailer state.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Sexually reproduced members can eat a wide variety of cell based meals. Though there is no infrastructure to provide food so they use small on board hydro farms to experiment with all the cells base form can offer.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

There hearing, sight, strength and speed are far more limited than the suits capabilities.   When inside the suit all sense and information input comes is replaced to the suit, this can leave the user completely unaware of there cell based form. From birth they see through mechanical eyes and consume nutrients packs in a mechanical month which then inputs the nutrients directly into there blood stream.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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