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Grey Skins

Fresh from the underground caves of Oblitros, the Grey Skins are new to the idea of sunlight, humans and the sky. Their multiple eyes and arms, paired with their grey skin makes them quite a sight for their newfound neighbours, many of whom claim them demons.   After all, they did crawl out of the ground.

Basic Information


Most Grey Skins are very humanoid in appareance. They posses four or more eyes on their face, four arms, and occasionally a tail or set or horns, tusks, fangs, etc. There are some extreme Grey Skins that appear pebbled all over, possess much bulkier and larger bodies, and talons, but these are rare. As their common name says, their skin is various shades of grey, and freckles appear in more orange hues than brown. Their skeleton is designed to support four arms, with the shoulder area being very muscular.

Ecology and Habitats

Grey Skins live in underground cavern systems. The optimal cavern has a source of water, and a good amount of the glowing mushrooms native to Oblitros' caves. These plants provide a natural pre-established light source that helps Grey Skins see. The extra arms they posses helps with mobility and climbing the rock formations, as well as gathering food. The mushrooms may be posionous to humans, but the subgrerra can eat them without harm. They also know how to farm them, although some societies of their's use oil lanterns and torches as light instead.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Grey Skins require food and water, but many of the human foods may be poisonous or harmful to them. Fish is a common meat, as well as some other smaller creatures that vaguely resemble our chickens. Red meat is generally harmful to Grey Skins, causing indigestion. Mushrooms are a main supplement as well, but many fungus' are also used in subgrerra cooking. Roots are also a constant.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Grey Skins have ridiculously great eye sight, With four or more eyes, it can see in multiple directions at once, with different heights and amount of light in-coming. The eyes evolved to provide a better chance of survival in the dangerous underground cavern systems.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Grey Skins have made quite the discovery that you can reverse mine plants- they have developed a technique where once you find a root of a plant, you can find the plant.Through careful digging, "plant miners" can retrieve it from the above world, and use the hole for a sunroof as well.
Scientific Name
Homo subgrerra
80-90 years.

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