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Hounds of the Order of the Cold Sun

Something must have happened to draw them here. The Order does not send its hounds without reason. These emissaries of the Order of the Cold Sun are high ranking priests, high enough to receive great power in exchange for the sacrifices they made to the sun. These powers let them either influence the minds of others, making them forget, serve as puppets or simply dispose of themselves in a convenient fashion, or create illusions to hide, intimidate and trick, ideal for their work as spies, assassins or any other job the order wants done.

Basic Information


Most of the hounds were, at one point or another, human. The constant sacrifices and communion with the cold light they worship, have however had a devastating effect on their bodies. Almost every one of them has lost a certain part of their body: a missing hand, an amputated leg is nothing in exchange for such tantalising knowledge, such eldritch truths. They hide a lot of these injuries through their illusory powers, though one can never quite diguise a slight limp or an unaturrally stiff handshake.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Hounds, as all high priests of the order, are bound by code to only subsist on sun-touched flesh, leaving them vulnerable to starvation if they cannot find a proper sacrifice, human or otherwise. It is not uncommon for hounds that have run out of supplies to start feasting on their own, already crippled, bodies.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The years of unforgiving training have honed their senses to a razors edge, leaving no detail unnoticed, no precaution untaken. With such methods, most of their missions go off unnoticed by the public, until a certain nosey journalist suddenly disappears, or a safely kept magic artefact is missing from its vault, nowhere to be found.

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