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Honestly, Humans are such pathetic creatures. They hate me and they're just so...frail! I can't even play with them, and they only come to me once they've died and all they do is weep! 'Oh, Oh great Raven Queen, don't take me! Please spare me!' Pah, at this point I don't a choice, yet they call me the villain! I'll create something that loves me, something that's so much better than those pathetic, weak Daoirenn!


  Created by Morrigan, Sgaoils are meant to be a step above the common human. While they still look visually similar Sgaoils have access to their third eye from birth and are able to use magic with ease. They are tricksters, often twisting the words of others to gain the upperhand in debates and deals. Any humans that have interacted with them have been lost, leaving no one to tell mankind of the secret hiding just under their nose...Either being given to the goddess Morrigan far earlier than expected, or spirited away to Veilhaven in an enthralled state, never to be seen again.  

Beings with Multiple Shapes


Sgaoils are capable of changing their shape and appearance. Their common secondary form is that of a raven or crow, meant to honor their 'Mother'. In this form they are capable of telepathy, and some minor speech, similar to the birds they mimic.   Their primary form is human-like and it is easy to confuse the two. However, upon closer examination, one will begin to notice that they are simply too beautiful, too knowledgeable for how old they say they are.   Sgaoils originally used this form so that Morrigan could use their eyes as her own, spying on humans and her foes without the need to insert a human spy into their ranks. The form is now used for ease of travel and their own cultural traditions.

Children of the Goddess

  Sgaoils are beings that were created by the Goddess Morrigan when she grew irritated with how Humans feared her coming to reap their souls when they met their demise. They were created out of her magic, as well as bits of magic she stole from Shelann. Their presence within the world at large can be linked to a devastating battle between Shelann and Morrigan, where the later destroyed the other's arm, stealing part of her essence and magic.   Sgaoils are thankful toward Morrigan for giving them life and the chance to be in her likeness via shapeshifting. They consider themselves high above mortals, and their behavior is similar to Morrigan's: the Sgaoils are tricksters with silver tongues, and their interactions with one another and the rare humans are akin to games of verbal chess.  

A Place to Call Home

  Sgaoils live in Veilhaven, a place that is both everywhere yet nowhere at the same time. This hub is a series of plentiful portals that lead to small villages that house groups of Sgaoils, linking them all together no matter the distance.   They have a second home in the form of Morrigan's true realm, hiding just beyond the veil of human perception. This is the Sgaoils' true home, and where they are the most powerful. They long to feel the hum of that realms power at all times, and have made plans to make that a reality.  


  True to Morrigan's influence, Sgaoils are heavily enamored with the moon and its phases. Many celebrations and rituals take place depending on the phase of the moon, or if there are specific lunar events occurring such as eclipses.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

Sgaoils are the reason the myth Morrigan's Eyes exists. They are the key factor of how the myth has evolved over time.
Scientific Name
Corvus sapiens
Related Myths


Third Eye
The term/word usage for activating ones magic

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29 Aug, 2018 02:46

This is a super cool species. Im alwase fond of shapeshifters and tricksters. What kind of shapeshifting is it? I see they transform into crow like beings but can they turn into any humanoid? can they turn into animals? I'm also curious about the Morrigan's Eyes myth to see what thats about.

8 Sep, 2018 19:20

Their transformation is limited to crows/ravens right now as of plotting it! They have one base human form but they can tweak it somewhat. I need to work on that myth but procrastination kicked my butt. Thank you for the compliment! : D

29 Aug, 2018 08:10

Ooh! Neat!   Some notes:   "Any humans that have interacted with them have been lost, leaving no one to tell mankind of the secret hiding just under their nose."   This could do with some clarification. Has the bird-people been killing them or have they remain hidden with trickery?   What is their current day relationship with humanity and Morrigan? How do they interact with her? Do they have a culture of their own?

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
8 Sep, 2018 19:23

Thank you, I'll be sure to clarify when I edit them. But it's a mix of slaughter and trickery like fae stealing people away.   Humanity doesn't really doesn't know of them right now, but their relationship with Morrigan is very good! So many questions, I think I need to pad this article a bit more with information; thank you for making me thing of things! I'll give you a ping once I upgrade this hot mess : p

29 Aug, 2018 13:20

Great article! I love the artwork, it gives the reader a perfect idea of what the species looks like. I'd love to know more about their history - when were they created? Do they have a civilisation of their own?

8 Sep, 2018 19:24

Ooh, great questions, I think I can put that in the article; I don't have too many things planned out since they're new, but I do know they have their own civilization : D