Angels were the first humanoid creatures God created before Humans, who live amongst humans hiding their divine heritage. Angels through simply living influence the good and evil aspects of people, with more good shining through when there are more angels around. Currently, their numbers are dwindling as more and more become disillusioned after not hearing from God in centuries and become fallen angels, tilting the balance in the favor of evil.

Basic Information


The anatomy of an angel is identical to that of a human's. The only exceptions are that when injured angel's bleed golden blood instead of the crimson humans bleed. They also have two large wings on their backs, that can be retracted into their backs where they can remain hidden beneath their skin. When these wings are unfurled, they tear through the skin and whatever shirt the angel is wearing. If an angel has fallen, they will cut off their wings, leaving scars on their backs that represent the schism between them and God.

Genetics and Reproduction

Angels do not reproduce naturally, only God may create more angels. The last 'birth' was over a millennia ago.

Growth Rate & Stages

In the first one hundred years of the angel's life, they go through adolescence like humans with each decade being equal to two years in a human's life. Once the angel hits one hundred, they reach full maturity and will permanently stop aging and no matter how long they live they will never die of old age nor will they experience frailty brought on by advanced age.

Ecology and Habitats

Angels can live anywhere on Earth, with a number of fallen angels having taken refuge in Antarctica where they can avoid watching humanity destroy themselves.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Angels don't need to eat, though they are capable of doing so.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Angels have two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, two eyebrows, and two nostrils. Males have hair on their faces and heads while females have hair on their heads. Like their physique, angels can change their hair color, hair length, and facial hair at will, though many tend to stick with one or two hairstyles and hair colors.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

There are currently about 10,000 angels and fallen angels living on Earth. Over 8,000 of these have fallen while the remaining 2,000 continue to keep the faith.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Angels and fallen angels can peer into a person's mind and see their deeds, both good and evil. In the early days of humanity, angels used this ability to judge those unworthy with God's blessing. Now, however, the remaining angels are unsure of if they can or should place judgment on those who do wrong because they haven't heard from God in so long. Fallen angels are able to manipulate the evil in people both by simply existing and by strengthening the negative emotions in a person while non-fallen angels are able to do the same but with good thoughts.
Average Physique
Angels can eat but they don't really need to, so naturally, they all have slim figures but, thanks to their ability to change their forms, angels and fallen angels have various physiques.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Angels and their fallen kin have naturally dark skin and dark hair, similar to those found of the people who live in Africa or the Middle East. They have the ability to change their outward appearance so some have taken to making their skin or hair or eyes lighter. They can also change the color of their wings, which are naturally white. Because most keep their wings retracted, if one has extended their wings they will be splattered with golden blood.

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Always good to see Angels in a world, though I find myself asking "So what's special about these Angels?" They sound interesting but fairly standard, unless that's what you're going for!   Though I do think the Facial Characteristics are a bit redundant, the default on most angels is humanoid, so you would do better just commenting on the parts that are obviously different. It helps give your Fallen some umph! Lastly, some of the Additional Information would look nicer on the side bar! Like the number of Angels.   Overall though, love your work, though I feel this one needs a little more Yukimoda spice to make it pop like the rest of your world!

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This is a nice article: short and sweet, and well-described. However, one of the things I would ask is why angels would be in pain all of the time due to keeping their wings retracted. Pain tends to be necessary to signal danger to an organism, and being constantly in pain from keeping wings hidden is a detriment to said organism's survival. Even if God created them like that, wouldn't He want to reward the angels with no, or less pain? A bit confused about that.

9 Sep, 2018 20:58

The article really helps make me curious about the world and how they fit into the whole of the setting.   But bleeding gold, taking 100 years to reach maturity and being in constant agony does sound like it would make it pretty hard to stay hidden. How have they manage it? Do they have any additional powers? There's no mention here about what their capabilities are, other then the judgement stare thing, or how those capabilities change between regular and Fallen angels. What can they do? :)

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