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Order of Aeramen archives

About her, it said: "Special abilities: None". When she looked into my eyes, and somehow convinced me to put my hands up and wait for police, I started to doubt the report.
Report from former mafia member
Legendary? Needs further research. Old file found Palia 5, 692 A.E. - Historian-General Thedor
Conducting investigation as of Othrys 10, 694 After Empire. - Grand Master Benicius

Alleged Traits

Above-average sensory capabilities, mainly hearing and sight. With practice able to probe human minds for information (this may be called mind-reading). With greater practice, able to convince people easily, some may call it mind control. With even greater practice, able to summon elemental strikes in cases of emergency: however, that breaks the rule of keeping your skills quiet. With extreme training, rumored to be able to curse or bless humans, animals, documents, or areas of land.

Civilization and Culture


Allegedly when we immigrated to Ironfoot 2800 years ago (1120 Earth years), the magisters fought us non-lethally with a brutal show of strength, then decided to hide their powers through human-magister arranged marriages. Within a few hundred years, they had integrated with humans, with the human-magister marriages diluting the magister genes and making only about one in one thousand bear full magister powers. With this, the remaining magisters were able to hide their talent so that humanity at large did not use them for warfare. It is currently unknown if the Society of Magisters has any relation to these magisters.   Suspected magister spies who joined Aeramen between 302-338 After Empire (121-135 in Earth years) have been inducted under surveillance. After one year, they were invited to a drinking party and drugged in an attempt to glean information. Then they were imprisoned and questioned. No signs of society were discovered. note as of ██████ 695 (278 Earth years), a magister ████████████████████████████████████████ was successfully converted. Begin ████████████ Plan ███ immediately. - your grand master   Related:
Species | Oct 10, 2018

The dominant species of the Ironfoot Isles

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens fortunae
100 - 160 Earth years (250 - 400 local years)
Conservation Status
Average Height
1.6 - 2.1 meters
Average Weight
55 - 90 kg
Related Ethnicities
Average Intelligence:
130 IQ, 170 EQ
Magic System:
Luck-Intent System (see pillar two)
Document describing Council Vote
Order #1411 by ElementalShrike

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15 Sep, 2018 22:18

(Hey! Catching your articles again! Lucky me!)   Love this article! The attitudes of the magisters is very believable, and completely understandable and relatable. I like how they fled the mainland to get away from the humans, only to be followed by some of them later who were also fleeing disaster. To help with the flow of the article you should go back and look at some of the sentences, you have some repeated words and sentence fragments that could be cleaned up a little. Other than that it's really well written, and there's not really anything that needs fixed or changed in my humble opinion.   Personally I think the perception and sensory abilities is a really cool section, perhaps you could flesh it out a little more and give a little insight into how the abilities work? I think that would be really fun to read! You could also add a section on their magic, detail the different types or most common spells they're likely to know.   So question, are there any physical differences between humans and magisters? Like a way that someone could tell them apart if they knew what to look for? Also it seems like the magisters lived with and among the humans openly at first, but then went back into hiding to some degree. They had already hidden their powers from them so what were the deciding factors that brought that decision around?

15 Sep, 2018 23:18

Okay, I've been thinking about this a lot now, and stuff will change. At first I thought of Magisters being a whole seperate species, but being close to humans like the Neanderthals I assume they'd be able to reproduce with each other. So maybe when the humans arrived, the magisters were happy to kinda dissolve into humanity and bred with them, due to seeing the destructive power of their magic. Due to the large human-to-magister ratio, this changes most people into human-magister hybrids. But there's a point, past which you are a magister and you can control luck magic. Maybe one in one thousand are at that point, and they have control of luck magic. Due to their knowledge, they dedicate themselves to keeping peace and finding others of their kind before they can destroy too much.

16 Sep, 2018 00:44

Ooo, I like that. That definitely has a more benevolent feel to it. It also raises the question, is it hard for them to control their magic? You phrase it in a way that makes it seem like it they're aren't careful, or unaware of the magic they could accidentally hurt or maybe even kill someone.   As long as they are in the same genus, them reproducing together is possible. However be careful, often times hybrids are unable to reproduce themselves. That could be an interesting tidbit to add.

16 Sep, 2018 00:49

They are actually part of the same species, so breeding should not be a problem. It isn't hard for them to control the local effects of their magic, but as a whole the local effects in the system need to be balanced out by effects on a larger scale, and specifically by the drawing of luck magic on a larger scale. Even the most powerful magisters can only control their luck-drawing up to an area measured in square miles, and inexperienced ones might even draw all of their effects from a single person or organism, usually causing said organism to die from an unexpected heart attack or stroke or some other *unlucky* event.

16 Sep, 2018 01:23

Nice! I like the additions! They help with the fluidity of the article, and the additional information is very insightful. The idea that they would use arranged marriages and purposefully marry humans to help hide themselves speaks to how far they'll go. Which makes me wonder whether or not the Grand Master will be able to convince them to help her in the war.

16 Sep, 2018 03:07

LOL, well first Theresa isn't really one to wait for a council action, she just goes ahead recruiting. if you click on Mythos 1.3, and go to the "Recollections" Article, you'll see how well they take to her actions: most of them want her dead or kidnapped.

16 Sep, 2018 05:33

Overall great article, I find these Magisters quite interesting overall. I wasnt able to find the magister in the picture sadly. You referenced EQ a couple of times but I didn't see a tool tip or link to an article explaining what that is exactly. The only thing that comes to mind is emotional intelligence.

16 Sep, 2018 12:36

EQ is emotional quotient, first appeared in a 1964 paper ( Yeah, the magister generally looks like a human, talks like a human... you'd generally only be able to realize if they were a magister through their behavior and how they somehow convince you of literally everything.

16 Sep, 2018 22:53

That is what my assumption on EQ was.

Dryant Feywright
16 Sep, 2018 18:44

This is really good! The magisters sound realistic enough to be something that I think could exist if magic was real as well, of course. This makes me think of those secret world Urban Fantasy stories that I used to read. Keep it up!

1 Oct, 2018 15:32

I like the mystery behind the article, though I think the info as or right now is a little sparse. Considering the only differences between them and regular humans given are some extra powers, why are they considered a separate species instead of a race of people or the powers being considered a trait? Why exactly are members of the society hunted down?

1 Oct, 2018 17:52

Wow. This is indeed a little scary. I now understand why some people might like this kind of subtle horror. I also like this subtle detail that they treat archipelago-people with more respect. Takes away some of the evilness that they are attributed. I don't quite get what the cover image says though. It seems not to fit very well with the content of the article...

You called your stages of practice for magical acts by subjective adjectives. How long exactly does a Magister need to mind controll someone? Is it at about school graduation level? Or more like College Graduation or even higher?

2 Oct, 2018 03:24

This is an interesting article and, while I enjoy it, it leaves me wanting more of the reports styled writing you've done. What other secrets do they have and so forth.

Please check out my article for the Tavern Challenge! The Black Haired Dog!
2 Oct, 2018 09:27

I really like this article! I think writing things like this as in-universe documents just makes them so much more believable and really reinforces your world as a dynamic entity that has a lot of details and actual living individuals. I especially like the section where some information was redacted and updated, gives it even more of a "real" feel. The concept of the magisters over all is quite interesting too, and i really like that they don't look any different than humans. All in all, this is a very good article and i'd love to read more in this style!