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Luck-Intent Magic System

Other Notes on Mythos 1.3

Our predicament? Well, we're preparing to invade the Republic of Mitrand. Due to our smaller army, others are trying to pry us out of hiding, trying to force us to fight in this war. Fools! Never thinking past the next battle, never knowing what havoc a magic war would wreak!
Lieutenant Denmore, Society of Magisters in his journal
Coggle of Luck-Intent System
Luck-Intent System by ElementalShrike
  • The universe was created by three gods, who themselves sprung up from infinite improbability.
  • When the three gods made the universe, they wanted it to be fun to play with.
  • Therefore, they edited physics to include two new parameters: luck and intent, found in all beings.
  • Luck is basic chance: unpredictable, uncontrollable (at least for most), that makes it more likely for things to go according to a being.
  • Intent is the opposite: one's will, providing a direction for the being. All sapient lifeforms can control intent, while non-sapient beings cannot.
  • The gods, with infinite luck, can make all things go exactly the way they want it to.
  • One other, lesser, species, the magister, is also of interest.
  • Living literally near a sleeping god, they have evolved (over millions of years) an ability to control their finite stores of luck and intent.
  • Due to being able to fuse luck and intent and transfer it between beings, they are quite powerful.
  • However, infusing intent-luck into an object amounts to giving it a rudimentary sentience: after all, intent and luck are the two components of any living thing. Once given, this intent-luck cannot be changed: an ice-pick cannot be asked to chop wood, for example.
  • This is exactly why magisters wish not to be involved in wars. Magisters, when fighting, logically must construct preemptive defenses like intent-luck minefields to defend against other magisters, minefields near-impossible to remove. If magisters truly warred, the aftermath would last for millennia. Civilization would never again return to Ironfoot.
Species | Oct 10, 2018

A sister species to humans

Planet Qualities:
The year length of the planet is 0.4 times Earth's, and the day length is approximately equivalent to Earth's. Months have 11, 12, or 13 days, and weeks are seven days long. Here is a calendar of the current year.

147.02 Earth day year (144.17 local days)
24.475 Earth hour local day
4.9x Earth surface area
2 moons, one with an 11 day cycle, another with a 14 day cycle

Archipelago Qualities:
Area: ~800,000 km2
Population: ~12 million
Climate: Temperate maritime to subtropical

There has been only one battle between magisters, but it may give us an example of the destruction a magister war could cause...
The island of Pakani is an icy wasteland with few trees and even fewer animals. But it wasn't always this way. Before, it had been a bustling port city, with thousands of people living on what was a tropical paradise. The magisters will not allow this tragedy to happen again.
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Society of Magisters
Organization | Oct 12, 2018

A bunch of diplomats ignored in the midst of war. Actually: powerful luck-intent magic users in hiding.

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Myth | Oct 9, 2018

How the Seas of Steel came to be

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12 Sep, 2018 02:43

Interesting magic system, you don't see many considering its long-term impacts on the casters or the world around it other than simply hand-waving it as "magic shmagic." I can hardly wait to see what else this Conflict of Titans has to offer!

12 Sep, 2018 03:03

This is actually part of a larger cycle: Of Golden Gunwales (this is part of it) is supposed to depict interactions of magic and society during the equivalent of the Age of Sail, the prelude to that is Legends of the Leeward Side, a grouping of everything that predates that, and then (in sequence) On Sails of Silver and (hopefully) Inshore Iron, depicting the interactions of magisters with society through gunpowder and indistrial revolution, respectively, and during the rise and fall of two empires.

12 Sep, 2018 08:21

It is an interesting idea to base a whole race off the ability of manipulating luck. I like how you touched on what happened to the atolls when their barriers/defenses were stripped away. There is a point of clarification to be added on that which I didn't see; how did the loss of the protective magics turn them barren? I suppose you touch on this by explaining the luck they use to manipulate comes from somewhere are these locations forever burnt out causing a sense of entropy of sorts?

12 Sep, 2018 12:09

Its mainly that the flora and fauna of each island (including humans), each unit has a little luck. Normally, its kinda balanced: as a whole, the island experiences N good events for life but also N bad ones. However, if a magister draws luck and tips the scales for him by having more good luck than he should, he has to draw it from elsewhere, tipping the scales towards more bad luck (for the plants and animals) than they should. When this is multiplied by the effect of hundreds or thousands of magisters firing fireballs at the enemy through extreme luck...

12 Sep, 2018 18:25

Like what everyone else has said I really like the idea of a luck based magic system. Usually, luck is considered to be a bit of a throwaway stat so it's nice to see someone using it. Have the Humans developed weapons for the sole purpose of fighting the Magisters? I can't imagine them reacting well to the early two displays of magic and seeing how powerful this other race is.

12 Sep, 2018 18:42

Well the humans near-exterminated them in the early days ~200,000 B.U. and the remaining groups fled to the islands of Ironfoot. In those days (and still) the humans worshipped something that said said sailing was inferior to land caravans so they didn't follow them and forgot about them (except in legends). Fast forward to the Age of Sail, and a group of dissidents in a rebellion are crushed, they decide to sail and try to find an escape, and land in Ironfoot, where they are kinda get hit from the magisters, who tell them to live by their rules, and they agree.

6 Oct, 2018 15:26

Seems like you have a good lead-in for plot. Nice work!   I was confused about whether Benicus knew the magisters/Society of Magisters existed. It looked like they knew about each other since they had a diplomatic relationship, but then you mentioned the magisters needing to conceal their existence... After reading the other articles, the Society is public knowledge but the magisters themselves aren't? I'm assuming the missing diplomats journal had enough information to confirm their existence, if Benicus is looking for magisters and not "Society members with powers"...   oh and just to confirm re: luck vs intent - if I use a lot of intent but very little luck, it's little better than thinking very hard about what I want to happen, but if I use a lot of luck and very little intent, will events go my way but not the way I want? Seems like a good way to end up in a ridiculous mess :P

6 Oct, 2018 15:35

Oh right, the Society claims to be a transparent diplomacy institute, so they're public, but the magisters as a species are hidden. Yes, if you use very much intent and little luck, the luck will help you with that one thing, but not a lot because there is not much luck, and if you use a lot of luck without intent a bunch of events go your way, though not necessarily the events you want.

@ Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
6 Oct, 2018 16:15

By the sounds of things the gods really like gambling. Since it’s based on luck. It’s a dumb question but will the magic system being based of luck and intent be powerful or weak in consinos if the individual is gambling?

6 Oct, 2018 16:29

You know what, you aren't the first person to ask that! Yes, some rogue magisters turn to gambling as an easy way to make money, but the Society bans magisters from flaunting their power, so the occurances of luck-intent magic being used for gambling are scattered and occasional. Because if you're a rogue magister, the last thing you want to do is get caught by the Society, they will make you disappear.

6 Oct, 2018 17:19

Nice use of a flow chart! I should try that with my magic system. So, what *would* happen if the Society of Magisters got dragged into the war?

6 Oct, 2018 23:42

I have edited that into the sidebar. Hope that answers your question.

6 Oct, 2018 23:33

Does luck control affect theoretical possibility and entropy? Like it's a million to one chance to be struck by lightening and with luck control I could change that to hundred to one or even two to one?

6 Oct, 2018 23:41

Yes, that was how I thought it would work.

14 Oct, 2018 18:51

So if Magisters can perform magic with luck, and they can also replenish their luck by stealing it from other creatures, how come they are not near infinitely powerful? Is there something else that limits their ability to replenish their reserves, like physical exhaustion, or are they just too careful not to expend large amounts of their luck at once, lest something catastrophic happens to them due to ill-fortune? Wouldn't someone with a large amount of luck and the ability to gain more start to stumble into situations that let them gain more luck, creating a positive feedback loop until they have, idk, all the luck? Things to consider.

17 Oct, 2018 05:48

Great layout! Very concise, informative content. The point by point data made it easy to digest, though when word limits aren't a concern I'd suggest expanding on each point with a paragraph of narrative or informative text.   I'd also suggest having the main image set with the nolink parameter and then wrapping the image in a [url] tag which links off to a fullsize version with a white background. On google when I expand it in a new tab it has a black background so it's hard to read and appreciate your hard work.   How do people feel about their ability to use magic? Do they take it for granted or do they thank the stars for it every day? Do they all know the source or is it more only professionals who do?

Admin of the World Anvil Codex & Discord | Director of Ethnis | My Ko-Fi | My Twitter
17 Oct, 2018 16:42

I like how much thought you've given to the mechanics of your magic system. A lot of people just sort of explain it as "well, it's magic" without giving a thought to how magic actually works. With this sort of system I think it would be easier to know what the exact limitations of magic would be.   On that note, is anything resistant to being infused with this luck-intent? Like how we use lead to block radiation, is there any material that can block this magic? Can you effectively control other people against their will with it? Or are there people/creatures that cannot be affected by it?

18 Oct, 2018 21:34

Very interesting magic system! A lot of times, luck based magic generally is written off as just random but this has lots of rules. I like the flowchart, really makes things clearer.
How much can object infused with intent think? It's enough that it won't change easily, but how much exactly? It sounds very intriguing.