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Andrew Daly | Member Since 5 Jul, 2018
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If you've stumbled onto this page, welcome! I am motorthud, self-proclaimed DM and author of Portal of Vaal.

Favorite Movies

Nightcrawler, Hateful 8, Kill Bill, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man (Sam Raimi trilogy), Naked Gun, Blazing Saddles

Favorite TV Series

Bojack Horseman, Parks & Rec, Frasier, The Office, Black Mirror, Law & Order:SVU

Favorite Books

Pet Semetary, Cat's Cradle, Animal Farm, Brave New World, Mistborn

Favorite Writers

Steven King, David Sedaris, David Wong

Favorite Games

Pokemon, Mass Effect, XCOM, Deus Ex, Skyrim, Hotline Miami, Danganronpa, Fire Emblem