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People fear what they do not understand but understanding something can sometimes make you fear it more. Exim are one of those things. A newly surfaced one is a threat to a neighborhood, give them time and they can throw a city out of whack. I stay awake at night thinking about what a group of them can do. I go to sleep at night thinking about how I can make one mine. I hear that's where you come in.   -Antonio "El Gordo" Rubiero, Representative of the Salinas Cartel to The Cookie Jar

Basic Information


The anatomical structure of Exim more often than not match the anatomical structure of humanity. This is not always the case as certain sub-classifications have displayed the ability to transform into chimeric monstrosities made from the traits of several animals.

Biological Traits

There are several subgroups among the Exim; name given to the beings by The Cookie Jar and disseminated (at a price) among high ranking NATO and Warsaw officials. Each subgroup possesses a set of abilities and powers unique to them.   Cerbo: Psychics with telekinetic and/or telepathic abilities, telekinetic force fields and objects. The mental disciplines are varied among this subgroup but ultimately mastery of the mind is their goal and tool.   Proteans: Physical augmentation specialists that increase the body's attributes as well as masters of animalistic chimera forms to create unique beings of tangible might and prowess.   Quark: Beings that manipulate and even shape energies and specific forms of matter, that occur naturally on the terrestrial element level. Ex: Fire, Electricity, Water   Kin: Beings that seem oddly familiar to the Quarks but while they cannot control and wield terrestrial elemental energies, they manipulate and control celestial energy phenomenon. Ex: Gravity, Magnetism, Radiation   Reynold's File 001
Amalgams: Possibly a sub-species within the Exim family, they do not seem to possess unique powers per se but rather have the ability to wield powers from any of the other sub-groups. It is theorized that they do not have the stamina of the other sub-groups, their versatility seems to leave them "empty" faster than the others.   The Cookie Jar took pains to hide this information but upon his "resignation" from the organization, Douglas Reynolds sold it to the highest bidders.
Specimen These sub-species require more than a footnote. While there are a few naturally occurring mutants of this type among a variety of creatures, the Cold War saw an exponential rise in their number because HyperTech allowed the advent of man-made mutants and monsters. They are not "Exim" but they have been lumped in with them because Specimen present the same threat to the public's peace of mind.
  Sub-grouping Mystery
The Exim classifications listed here are not the only ones. The Cookie Jar released only as much information as they were paid for and this is information even Reynolds dare not share as it keeps him ahead of other would-be Exim collectors.

Growth Rate & Stages

Exim are arranged by the level of danger they would present if they began attacking the public listed as their Threat Level.   Threat Level One Exim are as capable as humans, and with their paranormal power they can easily dispatch a person. A skilled Exim can neutralize a small hand full of people in a matter of seconds.   Threat Level Two Exim are rare but each one possesses physical abilities outpacing even the top humans in addition to growing understanding and command of their powers   Threat Level Three Exim has recently been discovered, their existence carefully hidden by the Cookie Jar. Exim of this stage are living demigods, capable of feats right out of myth such as lifting up to two tons and sprinting at up to 32 mph and this is without the use of their powers.   Threat Level Four Exim have only been theorized. Such a being would be capable of manipulating 8 tons without their powers, moving up to 40 mph at a sprint and easily doubling those numbers with the use of simple physical augmentation powers. The theorized Stage Four would be individually capable of toppling a region.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The sensory capabilities of an immature Exim are no greater than the human stock they seem to hide among but as they grow and mature the Exim's sensory perception grows more acute. Observed specimen have:   -Been able to read standard sized print from a number of yards away   -Isolated the sounds of one person in a crowded room   -Detect lasers by smell   -Read the writing on a letter by touch

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Exim means "Next" in Latin.
Scientific Name
Homo Exim Sapien
60 (Up to 200 years maximum so far)

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20 Nov, 2018 00:39

So intrigued to know more! I was wondering how can one determine if Exim are using their powers or not? Per the description of Level 3 Exim: "...capable of feats right out of myth such as lifting up to two tons and sprinting at up to 32 mph and this is without the use of their powers." Is there a piece of technology or scientific method that can capture this feature of Level Threes?

22 Nov, 2018 07:28

Not all Exim use powers discreetly, some (mostly short lived or quickly nabbed by agents of the Cookie Jar) have been prone to wanton displays of their powers. From those careless displays, priceless information has been harvested. Sadly, there is no readily available technology from among the masses that can detect the use of Exim powers. Though witnessing a seemingly average guy sprint at speeds in excess of 100 mph or a bulletproof soccer mom has helped nudge research and theories along.