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She ran along the muddy road, until she reached an empty wooden barrel. She ducked behind it and tried to make herself as small as possible. A Raican scuttled away from her and up a house wall. She peaked out from behind her hiding place and saw the small dark figure peering into the alleyway. She quickly ducked behind the barrel again. The hunched shadow of the figure was reflected off of the wall in the setting sun. She closed her eyes and prayed for the creature to go away. She had seen its face. It was a face of horror. Why did nobody believe her when she told them about her demons?

Basic Information


Small, hunchbacked and humanoid. Some have bat-like wings. They are covered in dark fur and not visible by most humans. Their arms and legs are fairly thin, but surprisingly strong.

Genetics and Reproduction

They don't have a reproductive cycle, as such. The Mahrs that move around are asexual, but they are spawned from a queen from a hive. Where exactly this hive is, is unknown, but Albs rise from deep chasms and holes from the ground, so the queen is most likely hiding deep underground.

Growth Rate & Stages

Albs are born from the queen and grow in embryonic sacks, which are attached to the queen. They are fed through processed food from the queen and are then released, once they are fully grown. How long a Mahr lives is unclear, but it is common for a Mahr to be devoured by the queen, once they are no longer useful.

Ecology and Habitats

The queen prefers to live as deep underground as possible. Mahrs frequent areas inhabited by humans. Since they are naturally invisible to humans, they have no trouble navigating around them to find their prey.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Mahrs feed on the human mind. Fears, feelings, desires; everything is fair game for these creatures. They attack when their selected victim is asleep and use their telepathic abilities to induce nightmares. While tormenting their victim, they feed on their emotions. The victim is left an empty husk. Mahrs can eat hard food, such as meat, and the queen does prefer this to emotions. While Mahrs can survive on meat for a while, their minds begin to shut down, if they can't feed on human emotions.

Biological Cycle

Mahrs are completely unaffected by seasonal change. They can navigate all year round and to any time of day or night. Once born from the embryonic sack, they undergo very little change and are eventually eaten by the queen, when severely injured, sick or old.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their senses are incredibly heightened. Eyesight, hearing, sense of smell; they are all extremely powerful and can tap into areas untouchable by humans. Their most powerful sense, however, is a form of telepathy, which they use to access the minds of their victims.
Scientific Name
Primordial monsters, which evolved with humans, while remaining hidden.
Conservation Status
There have only been very few sightings of Mahrs, none of them substantiated. Their exact number is unknown.

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