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Treemakers are intelligent eternals and are responsible for making all of the trees on the island and across the world. Their work is unknown to the people of Foundria, who believe that the trees have existed since the beginning. This is because the Treemakers work so slowly - sometimes taking well over a decade to make a single tree - and since they live well into the wilderness where no human tends to go.   Dispite being intelligent treemakers do not make or use tools and do not seek out knowledge. They choose instead to focus their intellect on choosing the best time and place to make trees and understanding the needs of those around them.   They choose to live a slow, deliberate life and do not desire luxeries or fun activities. Instead they find peace by simply performing their natural duty of making trees.   Treemakers are humanoid in shape. They appear to be made out of pitch black smoke that blows in the wind, and they have pure white eyes. In the months before the begin to make a new tree they begin to grow roots and vines on their bodies, usually on their hands and arms but they occasionally grew elsewhere instead.   Though unable to speak, treemakers are able to understand speech and are able to somehow communicate with each other over short distances without making noise.   Being eternals, treemakers do not eat or sleep, generating all energy that they need internally.

Basic Information


Human in shape, made of black smoke with white eyes.

Genetics and Reproduction

No form of reproduction or gestation

Ecology and Habitats

Treemakers can survive anywhere, but tend to gather where the land can support many trees.

Dietary Needs and Habits

No need for food, water, or shelter

Biological Cycle

No biologicsl cycle

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Hearing, sight, touch, apparent telepathy

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