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Q'Dari of Chigon IV

The Q'Dari are individuals with seership. They have clairaudience and clairvoyance to see and hear things not happening around them. While the exact power of the ability varies, it is said that most can see the future and some can see the past. The extent of Q'Dari potential has never been fully explored, but it is thought that a powerful enough Q'Dari could view extra-quantum realities -- the pasts and futures that stem from choices not made.   Q'Dari are not species specific. Some races, humans among them, are more prone to Q'Dari ability than others. The ability does not appear to be a genetic trait, nor is it "inherited" from someone else.   Most who know about the Q'Dari refer to them as witches or demons. They are, at best, untrusted. Typically they are feared or hated. Few know the Q’Dari exist or what they are, and official governments that do know force them to cooperate or kill them.   There is no evidence that Q'Dari existed on Chigon IV i before first contact. Since that fateful encounter with humanity, Q'Dari have begun manifesting, though rarely, among mollugs. No fumuda have shown Q'Dari abilities.   It is not known how mollugs or fumuda will react to knowledge of the Q'Dari. No official organization on Chigon IV has acknowledged Q'Dari existence, and it is likely no authority knows of them. The very few mollug Q'Dari are terrified of their own condition and have told no one but perhaps their closest friends. Q'Dari remain, for the time being, an utter secret. Though with a tiny but growing human presence in the Chigon system, it seems likely that someone will become aware before long.
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