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Mountain Dwarves

Basic Information


A Mountain Dwarf is much shorter then their Hill Dwarf cousins and less hairy humanoids. But their muscles and bone structure are much denser.

Biological Traits

Mountain Dwarves are easily identifiable with their well groomed hair and their pale skin. Along with this advance set of eyes to see in the dark and their keen noses that smell just about everything. Along with natural resistance to poisons and gases and can survive in environments that have less air in them.

Genetics and Reproduction

It often takes longer for them to reproduce sexually due to their size and possible to their bulky diaphragm. Often taking about fourteen months to give birth.

Growth Rate & Stages

They grow around the same time frame as a Human and will start to develop large amounts of hair in several parts of their body.

Ecology and Habitats

They often live in harsh environments such as mountains as they offer safety and protection. Once they find a safe location they build hold and use the resources found there to survive. The will continue to do so as long as possible. There they will stay their for almost all their life and so will their children.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They often forage and hunt inside of the mountains eating just about any plants and animals that they manage to get their hands on them. Along with some agriculture here and there. Once it done they refrigerate their food in cold chamber inside of the mountain that keeps it fresh for a long time.

Biological Cycle

When ever the wear get warmer or colder their hair either get thinner or thicker to allow them to adapt.

Additional Information

Social Structure

They live in a sophisticated caste system that runs their society with everyone knowing their place in order to achieve a prosperous society. Though it can be difficult for some more then other depending on where you are born and occupation.

Facial characteristics

wide bulbus faces

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mountain Dwarves are only found on the continent of Dageth in the Earth Forge Mountains deep inside of the mountains themselves. Due to them being territorial and not wanting to go anywhere else.

Average Intelligence

Mountain Dwarves are quite the tinkers in their society as they want to improve their society in every way making machines and formulas that seem to be almost like magic rather then science.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have better eye sight and see in the dark and their sense of smell is well developed in sorting out distinct smells. But their hearing is that of a Humans.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male: Hagvar, Segun, Obern, Malkus, Preter
Female: Luga, Osbe, Alendra, Valha, Muge

Major Organizations

Kingdom of Dangul
Kingdom of Hivaral
Kingdom of Jorun
Kingdom of Kembar
Kingdom of Ulthar
Kingdom of Qeven
Kingdom of Yurk
Kingdom of Barvag
Bronze Pact

Beauty Ideals

Dwarves often value their hair far more them anything else with men often keeping their hair and beards well kept and women keeping their hair in well designed braids.

Gender Ideals

Men are often around to work and support the family often working for days long before coming home. While women are given small jobs and keep the house in order. Both however are allowed to have a say in government and in their marriage. Women are also to take on the jobs of men as well depending on the situation that they are in.

Courtship Ideals

Mountain Dwarves are often formal when it come to seeking out a spouse with men being the ones doing all of the courting. With in done through a courting ritual called the binding. Which involves dating periods that lasts for about a month for both the man and women to get to know each other and see if they can live with one another. When time is up and if the man wants to marry he gives her a trinket such as a ring or a necklace to accept her. If not then then she is given a rock and it is thrown at the man for wasting her time.

Relationship Ideals

A marriage between Mountain Dwarves is like eggs being sizzled in a frying pan. It never gets peaceful and something always happens. When neither spouse is not working they are instead trying to enjoy each other company.

Average Technological Level

Mountain Dwarves are at a completely different level when it comes to technology. They have managed create sophisticated mining techniques, machines that run on lightning. Black Powder that can create massive explosions and power guns that can take down Dragons. Along with advanced

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dwarvish Stone Speech

Common Etiquette Rules

Dwravish manners can be somewhat odd to anyone who is around them. Like the how one greets one another Dwarves from the same caste often headbutt one another to say hello, when greet someone from a differ caste it is often with spitting in the palm of your hand with the other doing the same as a reminder that they are all Dwarves. Another peculiar custom is their dinner manners is that it always around friends and family in a chaotic manner. With food being devoured as if it was nothing and conversation about ones day by a hearth for an hour of rest before working again. It someone causes food or drink to be spilled a brawl will ensue as food is highly valued due to a Dwarf's rations as food can be scare at times.

Common Dress Code

There is an old Dwarf proverb that states that a " Dwarf's life is written on the clothing they wear." That is quite true considering that they live in a caste system where everyone has a place to ensure their society keeps running smoothly. Depending on what cloths they wear can tell what job and income they have. Men often wear the clothing they work in and women wear more of a gown like tunic for their less laboring occupations.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Much of their society resolves around the mountains that they live in as living gods that grant the wealth and safety. Along with the idea that they are the greatest race that ever lived due to their advancements and that they mighty warriors that have slayed creatures much larger than them such as Dragons and Wyrms. Along with holding wealth as being a must to show the work you have achieved. But they are also secretive as to share their technology and will kill to keep it safe. Along with a large appetite for alcohol and food which they eat a lot of.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Dures Moncah

Common Taboos

They are very particular about a certain set of rules on what is forbidden and what is not, these are the following.  
  • Trimming or cutting hair
  • Sharing secrets
Leaving for the surface without permission
Leaving ones caste
Speaking blasphemy


When the Dwarves first arrived to the Earth Forge Mountains they had little knowledge to survive. But that would change when the figured out metallurgy, then things got a lot more interesting. They tinkered and built things that seemed to come right out dream. Of course they had to deal with the original residents of mountains first, Trolls and Wyrms that often tried to kill them. The Trolls would eventually be forced to leave the mountains and the Wyrms would be wiped out. After that the @dwarves that would stay in the mountains would build great kingdoms that would span the mountains. It would be considered a golden age of science and prosperity in theses times as they ruled all the continent of Dageth unopposed. Then the Dragon Wars began almost wiping them out, put they managed to survive with the discovery of Black Powder. It took a while to rebuild but seven kingdoms would rise up from the ashes and they would strengthen their people.   But the arrival of the Elves would change all of that as the land was divided up by both races. With the eventual War of Stone and Wood that would last for decades. It would not stop until the arrival of the Orcs from the sea from an unknown land things would change. Along with their alliance with their sworn enemies the Troll and the creation of the Ogres, the first Black Blood Horde would almost bring the Dwarven kingdoms to their knees if it was not for their truce with the Elves and their alliance forged with them, they soon defeated them. Now the stay in their holds isolated from a world that is no longer theirs and preparing for anything that would destroy them.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Mountain Dwarves rarely leave their mountain holds at all and often isolate their themselves from the other races of Dageth. Elves are often mistrusted, except for Snow Elves that often trade with them. Orcs, Trolls and Ogres though are sworn enemies of theirs as they wage war on them constantly. Along with the Ratari that live in The Deep.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
300 - 700 years
Conservation Status
They are a flourishing race that manages to survive what ever comes at them.
Average Height
Male: 4'3" - 4'8" Female: 4'1" - 4'6"
Average Weight
Male: 150 - 220lbs Female: 130 - 200lbs
Average Physique
A Mountain Dwarves may look wide and lack muscles, but they are very strong due to their busy lifestyles making them much strong then most races. Making them able to lift tings that take several people to carry.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Pale to tan
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