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Snow Elves

Basic Information


Shorter then most of elven races, but have a more muscular body and a more durable skeleton

Biological Traits

They are often know of their endurance of their cold environment and are much stronger then any other distant kin.

Genetics and Reproduction

It takes months for an pregnancy to actually happen, but when it does it takes a year before a birth can happen.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes the same amount of time for of that of a Human to reach adulthood and then they stop growing

Ecology and Habitats

They often live in cold environments such as mountains or snow covered areas. Often living a nomadic lifestyle go from place to place in search of food to hunt and forage.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Their diet consist of meat and plants that they hunt and forage for food. Often take only what they need to survive and save from cold storage for a later date.

Additional Information

Social Structure

They live in nomadic tribes often lead by a chief that guides them through the wilds. Along with a shaman to aid them spiritual through dark times. Most of the tribe are mainly made up of hunters and foragers sent out to go in search of food when they are camping.

Facial characteristics

Faces are longer and males are able to grow facial hair.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are often found only near the High Rock Mountains, often traveling in between them in forest area or on them on the continent of Dageth

Average Intelligence

They are skilled hunters and excellent trackers. Though their building skill are not that good, often only making tent and simple weapons such as bows and spears.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They rely mostly on their highly developed eyes which can see in the dark, their sensitive ears and their strong sense of smell.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

  • Male: Matuk, Olman, Reusten, Fenok
  • Female: Helma, Jula, Eluwin, Klemi
  • They have no last name and often refer to the name of their clan

Major Organizations

They are at a least a hundred different tribes that the live on or near the High Rock Mountains

Beauty Ideals

It is mostly to through sexual appeal since they do not have the luxuries that most other elven races have.

Gender Ideals

Survival is the only thing that matters as everyone must do what they need to do for the sake of the clan and its survival most of all.

Courtship Ideals

Their isn't really marriage between Snow Elves, when they want some one they just see if they are capable survivalists and make them theirs. They are allowed to do what they want with each other. Then a bound grows between the two over time

Relationship Ideals

Since they are not married they are allowed leave when ever they want if to stay together they stay together, if one of them does not meet the requirements that the other is looking for then they leave each other in search of someone else.

Average Technological Level

The live in nomadic clan lifestyles using equipment from Dwarves and and primitive weapons

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dwarvish Elvish Frost Elvish

Common Etiquette Rules

  • Not a single member of the clan eats until everyone as enough food to eat.
  • When clans cross each other they often signal each other before hand in order not to startle them.

Common Dress Code

Often wear fur clothing to retain heat fir their bodies with both men and women wearing the same design to stay warm. Making it harder to tell who is male and female.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

They often follow the old ways of the Elves before the schism, but due to living their current lifestyle they often for old gods who's names are forgotten by most of the world and deep in shamanistic culture for further guidance.

Common Taboos

  • Cannibalism
  • Hording food
  • Staying in one place for too long


Snow Elves emerged from the Great Elven Schism after the War of Light and Dark as decedents of exiles that persecuted by the High Elves for their beliefs in the old ways and fled to the High Rock Mountains were they began their nomadic lifestyle for many years. Often isolating themselves from everyone and live a peaceful lifestyle. But that would change when the Dwarves discovered them on day. The first few encounters they often minded their own business and nothing really happened. Until finally some one had the idea to trade with one another. It went surprisingly well for both parties and it became a way of life for the Snow Elves are the furs, meat and other materials they could find the Dwarves gladly excepted as they were often a luxury due to them rarely leaving the mountains at all. In return they would give weapons and other survival equipment to make their live easier. They would also act as guardians of the lower areas of the mountains in case any of the black blooded races were to attack from their with the Dwarves unaware to their presence. They would offer payments to any Snow Elves would accept the often and in return they would offer a monthly payment in supplies and refuge in a Dwarven hold when ever they asked. Creating a beneficial peace and friendly relations between the tow races.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dwarves are considered the only true allies to them as they help them survive. As for the other elven races they do not trust them one bit due to many of them seeing them as outcasts. The black bloods are their sworn races and often wage war when ever they come too close to their lands.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
Conservation Status
They only number at least fifty thousand
Average Height
5'4" - 5'8" males 5'2" - 5'6" females
Average Weight
170 lbs - 180 lbs males 150 lbs -160 lbs females
Average Physique
Their bodies harden by the cold and the mountain air have made them stronger then most elves, begin able to take more pain then most and endure the cold much more easier then most.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Pale white

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