These creature are nothing more then the creation of an unholy union between the living and the dead and must be wiped from the face of the earth. - Luther Helborn, Night Hunter

Basic Information


Standard humanoid body with more enhanced muscles and reinforced skeleton.

Biological Traits

Drege inherit many characteristics of their vampiric parent such as heighten senses, enhanced strength and speed and extended lifespans. But due to their human inheritance, they are immune to sunlight and do not solely need to feed on blood to survive. But they can be born with two different skin colors, grey and pink which can be random at best since it is unknown when this is.

Genetics and Reproduction

They can reproduce through sex and pregnancy is much faster only lasting six months wether its with one of their kin or another human

Growth Rate & Stages

Grow faster then the average Human growing process takes fourteen years to become a grown adult.

Ecology and Habitats

Drege prefer places that do not attract to them often abandoned areas such as slums and ruins. Along with forests and mountains to remain hidden.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Can drink blood and eat solid food. Meaning that are not dependent on feeding on only blood and can eat average foods that humans it. Some prefer to hunt and others prefer store it.

Biological Cycle

Once and awhile their Vampire blood often has them yearning for blood to feast on that they cannot control. When this happen their eyes will either turn red or blue depending on their parents bloodline until their hunger is quenched.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Due to their small numbers it is difficult to say how they operate, but due to their current situation, if they were to meet in a group they would possibly try to help one another to survive and try to lift one another weight to ensure strength in numbers.

Facial characteristics

Mostly human features

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Due to low number actual population distribution in the world is unknown.

Average Intelligence

Are able to think much faster then the average human and have perfect memory. Along with being able go into perfect details.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Hearing and sight are more advanced then the average Human.

Civilization and Culture



From what records can be found about this elusive species is mostly none existent due to the lack of records of when these creatures were born into the world. The only actual record that explains any thing is the legend of Heldran of the Night, Stating that his father was a vampire and his mother a human, dating back a few thousand years during the feudal age after the fall of the The First Kingdom of Men. State that he was the first of his kind and later many more would appear over time long after his death.  

Hunted by all

The Drege have no friends when it comes to Humans and Vampires for both seek to destroy them. Humans see them see them as Vampires and Vampires see them as abominations that have no right to exist. Their numbers already small they often find places to remain in hiding for the rest of their lives. But some are able trick both sides into thinking they are one of them to live more comfortable lives.  

A mystery yet to be known

Very few of these creature are ever seen by anyone and it is unsure whether or not they are any larger groups of them exist to make up settlements hidden from the rest of the world.Nothing else is really recorded about them either say a few popping up in some point in history once and a while.

Historical Figures

Heldren of the Night
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Supernatural
140 - 180 years
Conservation Status
Often are in small numbers and in hiding due to being hunted by Humans and Vampires alike
Average Height
Male: 6'0"- 6'5" Female: 5'8" - 6'2"
Average Weight
Male: 190 pounds Female: 170 pounds
Average Physique
Superiorly stinger then a human and can move faster then on as well
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Pale and pink skin

This species has multiple parents, only the first is displayed below.
All parents:


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