Can't you hear it, it's their howling, that dreadful howling they are on the hunt once more and I rather not be around when that happens. - Fearful Hunter

Basic Information


Bipedal and able to run on all fours at any moment with wolf feature along with large muscles and a strong skeletal bone structure.

Biological Traits

Speed: Bless with the speed of a Wolf, they are capable of running great distances and on all four if they need to.   Strength: With their size, it is quite obvious that they are stronger than they look in order to take down their prey.   Natural Weapons: Wulver has never been shy when it comes to using their fangs and claws to fight. Especially when they are designed to tear flesh.   Stealth: Despite being large it can have it disadvantages, which is why they rely on distracting their prey while other pack members sneak up on them.   Aggressive: Wulvers have always had trouble when it comes to controlling their anger and will embrace it if provoked in any way.

Genetics and Reproduction

heterosexual, with Wulver pups being born after four months.

Growth Rate & Stages

A Wulver can grow fast in a short period of time often reaching adulthood around six years.

Ecology and Habitats

They flourish in woodlands and grasslands, along with cold climates where they hunt for their food

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like wolves, Wulvers are pack hunters by nature working together to bring down their prey and strip anything of value to bring back to the rest of the pack. Some use weapons when hunting, while others just use the claws and fangs they were born with. Often with the Pack Chief eating first then going down the social ladder. They will either eat their meat cook or raw and leave nothing behind to satisfy their appetite.

Biological Cycle

Fur Growth/Shedding: Depending on the time of the year a Wulver's fur will either grow thick when it gets colder to trap heat or shed in warmer temperatures to cool down.   Moon Mood Shift: Due to their Werewolf ancestry a Wulver will have trouble controlling themselves when the moon gets fuller. Their mood changes and will become more and more aggressive when the moon reaches its peak.

Additional Information

Social Structure


  Wulver society is tribal-based with hints of their wolf ancestors. With their tribe only being lead by the strongest male and female as their Pack-Chiefs. They often hold territory as their hunting grounds and will often move to a differential part of it depending on the season. Their society is based on domination, with the strong benefiting more than the weak as they have fewer privileges than those up on the higher part of the ladder.

Facial characteristics

wolf like

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found only in the Great Forest in the Beastwood that they use as their hunting grounds.

Average Intelligence

Wulver has a high intelligence due to their human ancestry, making them able to build, craft, and forge things they need to survive. Though they do not have the knowledge or skill to advance to more complex tasks such as mining and animal husbandry only relying on hunting methods to survive.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Vision: Eyesight is keenly able to pick up quick movement, but is almost nearsighted only to see from distance up to eight-five feet. They can also see in the dark, allowing them to hunt better and see more colors than wolves.   Hearing : Hearing is very strong being able to hear something several miles away from it. Also can be more sensitive to certain sounds which can hurt it.   Smell: Smell is strong to pick up from long distances being able to identify something by their smell whether they be a packmate or prey.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Tend to be personality, physical features on the body like eyes or fur, actions. Blue, Hunter, Swift, Grey, Vicious, Cloud,

Major Organizations

Wulver Tribe-Packs

Beauty Ideals

Fur grooming is done by males and females to show hygiene and not look filthy. Scars also attract mates in showing that the individual is capable of holding themselves in a fight.

Gender Ideals

The pack works together to protect themselves and survive, so gender does not apply to them. Though males are often the ones doing the more dangerous tasks such as hunting or going on raids. While the females often stay near the camp to do chores and protect themselves along with any pups present in it from any danger.

Courtship Ideals

Wulver can be very selective when choosing a mate which depends on their status or skill. But when one takes place it will be the male that will make the first move. Often being submissive to the female they wish to be with by bowing or holding their head down. The female will then examine him to see if he is worthy if he is not she will just walk away from him. If he is she will begin to rub up against him often rubbing up against each other’s muzzles or hold each other close. It is from here that the Binding of One takes place, the equivariant to a wedding to them. Once it is over they are officially mates and often have a part of their fur braided with colored cloth strip attached to signify their union.

Relationship Ideals

Since Wulver is highly social it is easy to understand that they are very close to their mate. They are often never far away from one another and often show signs of affection. They are also willing to die for one another if it means to protect often disregarding their own safety to ensure their safety.

Average Technological Level

Wulver live a primitive way of life living in huts and tents made of animal skin and wood and mud. Even at times, they will live in caves when they need to as well. Often using tools and weapons made of stone, wood, and bone to do daily tasks. They are well made and can do their tasks efficiently. They are however capable healers, as well as they are able to find plants that aid in healing injuries and sickness. They are very artistic as well painting mural of their history and jewelry to wear out of anything they can get their hands on.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Lupash, Old Tongue

Common Etiquette Rules

Wulvers are very social and will often lead to physical contact with one another. Along with how one should treat certain members of their society with proper respect.

Common Dress Code

Clothing is a bit complex for them considering their wild nature and prefer not to wear anything as they have fur that keeps them warm. Though many are willing to cover their private areas with a loincloth. Though they often were accessories on their body such as wrappings, feathers, paint, and jewelry as part of their society. There are no major differences between males and females. However, they may wear the clothing of those they have hunted despite it often being too small.

Culture and Cultural Heritage


  Due to their origins, Wolvers take after their wolf blood as skilled hunters to bring down any prey that they may come across with their speed and strength. It also makes them savage warriors when going into battle against tribe-packs and other races they may face. it is also a common practice for them to feast upon their enemies that they have slain considering it would be a waste of meat to let it rot away. To them, war is nothing more than another form of hunting where the victors shall feast upon the fallen to preserve themselves. Making it common for them to conduct raids and skirmishes when food becomes scarce as a means of survival. It is also common for them to migrate with the season to hunting ground making them nomadic by nature.  


  Due to their nature, the Wulver have found ways to calm the beast inside of them one of these ways is through spiritual awakening. Often using methods such as meditation and drugs to allow them to communicate with their inner beast to live harmoniously with the need to fear or tame it. For one must find peace from within to live life. They have also learned the teaching of the Spirits as well to aid them often seeking guidance from them and their ancestors to understand the land. It has greatly altered the way they have hunted and often only takes enough to feed themselves and others to remain in harmony.

Common Taboos

Selfessness: To only care for oneself and not others is an offense that is not tolerated amongst the Wulver. For their Tribe-Packs are their families and not help one's family is an offense in of itself.   Dishonor: A Wulver should never commit to something that will bring shame to themselves, such as cheating or fighting an already wounded opponent for it brings shame to the entire pack as warriors should never stupe to such a level.   Bloodlust: To allow the desire for blood to overwhelm a Wulver means that they have become nothing more than a beast who kills without meaning to it.


Bloodline of the Wolf

  The Wulver are the unnatural union between Humans and Werewolves , willing or otherwise. A Werewolves once fully transformed into one often acts like any other animal and has urged just like them. But due to the Lycanthropy, it causes them to be highly aggressive to hunt anything that happens to be near them. Of course, there are some cases where they also have the urge to reproduce as well which is strange due to the nature of Lycanthropy in general. Meaning that will attempt to reproduce with whatever race it came from in contact with when it does. But since most of them are Humans they will seek out both men and women depending on their gender or another werewolf for that matter whichever comes first. Normally this should just produce a normal Human child with them developing their Lycanthropy once they reach puberty. But if this reproduction were to take place while they are in wolf form things get a lot stranger. Since the Lycanthropy is active during this time it causes altercations to the pregnancy and alters the unborn child making them be born with wolf features that are permanent to them. Once the child is born most are shocked to find a Human-wolf hybrid be born. From this, the Wolver would come into the world as hybrid Beastmen of two different races. It would be an ancient time when Werewolves were more common, meaning that their numbers would slowly rise in time. Many of these newborns would be left out in the wilderness to die or outright killed after a parent made such a horrifying discovering. However, those whose parents were werewolves to them in and raised them as their own as their parental instincts took over. Most of the infants left out in the wilderness managed to survive as well as the wolves of the area raised them as one of their own believing they were actual wolves themselves. Leading to steady population growth with time and soon enough they broke away from their parents with the desire to seek out more of their kind and many of them eventually did. Creating tribe-packs that would spread to many of the Western Lands made the Wolver the first Beastman race to first make their roots in the region before the Beastmen Invasion.  

Rise of the Wolves

  The Wulver never had an easy life as long as they existed in the Western Lands as they were hunted and persecuted by the Human tribes and the Elves of the Elven Empire saw as nothing more then savage beast that were unnatural. Not to mention the Wolver had inherited traits from the Lycanthropy that created them, aggression, and their nature. Making them dangerous to make contact with as they had yet to keep control of their instincts. Forcing many to make their homes on the Spine Ridge Mountains where few people ever went up to. Hunting, whenever they could, to feed themselves, and there they would remain until the arrival of the other Beastmen races during the Migration of Struggle. Which they soon flourished as the Beastmen took the lands for themselves. Allowing them to live where they pleased for centuries, enabling them to progress their society and be able to find ways to help them control their savage nature. Allowing them to live peacefully amongst other Beastmen. Until Finally when the Beastmen were forced into the Great Forest after the Beast Wars then they decided to remove themselves from the sight of others to live in peace.  

Territorial Isolationist

  Considering their history the Wulver prefer to be left alone in their territories so they can live in peace. Often avoid all contact with any other race that live near them. But if anyone were to come into their lands then they will most likely become aggressive. Often attacking trespassers that they come across as they are seen as a threat. Making diplomatic relations difficult to achieve even to a small degree. Which are most races leave them to their own devices as they rarely leave their lands unless food is scarce that is. It is in these places that their way of life is protected and do not have to fear being attacked.    

Many Into One

  Despite being territorial Wulver often get along well with other of their kind despite being a part of different groups. Often respecting each other boundaries and following their traditions. Though at times relations may sour and arguments may occur from time to time they are often dealt with a challenge ranging from a fight to a test of one's abilities with the victor bring putting an end to the tension and claiming whatever was contested for. But Wulver never tries to kill one another or try to conqueror each other for them of the same people through they come from different groups they are all the same. Though they may argue and fight nothing will ever change that for them and will help one another in times of need when it arrives. It is not uncommon for a member of a Pack-Tribe to break off from them to either join another one or form a new one depending on their status in their group. There are no hostilities that fall onto them as each Wulver has the right to choose their own path as they were born free to decide what is best for them.  

Keepers of Harmony

  The Wulver are a people that believes in preserving the harmony of nature for all to prosper. Due to their lifestyle, this means that they do not need that much to live their life. They do not try to cause too much harm to an area they are living in as an effect could lead the land to suffer. and all who live on it. They only take land that they need to hunt and space to live in to ensure that the forest other residents can survive as well. Though they are predators it does not mean that they have the right to take what they want when they want. It is through this that they prosper and survive in a land that can easily end them if they fall to their nature. But it does not mean they will stand ideally by if someone elsewhere to try and destroy the harmony they have preserved and will often fight it as long as possible to ensure that all thing return back as they should be so future generations can enjoy the land as they have without the need of great struggle and suffering.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Not many races like the Wolver due to their nature not to mention they tend to consider them they food when they need to eat. Causing them to have to have issues even with other Beastmen such as Minotaurs, Centaurs and Satyrs. Humans however is a mixed bag on the subject despite considering them enemies and food, they will accept them into their tribe-packs for some reason. Maybe it has to with the part of them that is Human themselves to feel connected to their lost kin once more. They are even willing to adopt orphaned and abandoned children to be raised as their own, even take some of them as mating partners due to them being able to reproduce more of their kind with them.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Beast Born
Werewolf/Human hybrids
20 years - 40 years
Conservation Status
Numbers range from twenty thousand to thirty thousand
Average Height
male 7'9"-8'3" female 6'9"-7'6"
Average Weight
Male 180 pound - 270 pounds female 160 pounds - 230 pounds
Average Physique
Wulver is highly active and usually physically fit and muscular due to their constant need to hunt for food and migration patterns.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black, brown, grey, white
Geographic Distribution

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