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Night Hunter

Those who fear not the night, but hunt those who lurk in it

When you want something killed you kill it yourself, if you can't kill it then you send us in to get the job done right- Black Order saying



Most groups stay small to be able to mover fast but make sure that their flanks aren't exposed. Most are up to five to ten depending on the job. Often only carrying what they need to hunt and survive with.


Dark hunters a equipped with all the required needs to kill a supernatural creature and tends switch around per species. But kept the basic with them at all times, mountain ash, cold iron, and silver. Clothing also varies from creature to creature with some wearing certain colors, camouflage and armor to give them the edge they need to succeed.


The original weapon of the Dark Hunter was the bow, but when crossbows were created they became a favorite since shot did not lose momentum then fire. The bolts themselves have different heads depending on what they are hunting. Silver and cold iron are the most common type, with most of which are barbed since most of creatures they are hunting can easily but them out. The main weapons themselves differ from hunter to hunter with some using swords, axes, spears designed to kill their targets among other weapons.


Horses are commonly used by the order when needing get to job site fast. But most use us wagons to keep all their equipment in order. Transport ships are also used since their base of Watcher’s Fort is on a island.


Hunter themselves work as a unit in order to get the job done with each one using their own expertise to pitch in. Though most groups have a veteran hunter to guide them for every play by play. But all of them report to the Grand Master of the order and follow the laws that are given by the order.


They use hunting tactics when they hunting their target or target such as laying traps, leaving bait out or hiding until it shows up. Their of course a verity of other tactics for each type of creature of hunt. Many of which are considered bizarre and unorthodox to an outsider.



Training is difficult for those who choose to go on the hunt as they most be disciplined to fight the creatures that they hunt. This means that they must go beyond that of any Humans. Their senses and their bodies and enhanced though brutal means and mentally they most not let their emotions get the better of them through phycological training. Injuries are common and death is possible if one is not to careful. It is only when a hunter deems a trainee acceptable that they can go onto the next stage of training.  


Advance training involves more about learning the creatures that they will hunt and equipment that they will be using. This is often to see if there are any flaws in trainees to see if they are able to think on their feet and act on instincts alone. If not they are put through more extensive trails to improve themselves. They are often put through a series of training exercises and exams to ensure that they don't screw up on a hunt as it is always life and death when they are in the field. Most of these involve pain to remind them of their mistakes. Was they are ready they are sent out on their first hunt when the times arrives to be officially called a Night Hunter.  

Trial by Fire

Being sent into the field with veteran hunters on a job is how they see what they are up against. They are often sent in with several small groups to and supervised by a veteran hunter. This is considered the most dangerous part off their training as some of them will most likely die by the creature that they hunt. Either by the creature or if they are infected by it which will lead them to be either be killed by their fellow hunter or commit suicide. Those who do survive in the end will be officially be brought into the order as an hunter.  

Adapt and Evolve

Night Hunters always find ways to improve their craft to better fight the supernatural creature they hunt. Which is why they gather knowledge and create different tactics to increase their chances of success and survival. Which is why that many hunters take the Trials of the Hunter to better improve skills and choose a class of hunter that hunts certain types of creatures. Most of these classes cause them to change both mentally and physical if they manage to pass or survive for that matter. But if they do they become even more deadlier then they were before and continue their hunts once more. But they become more like the monsters they hunt over time if they are not too careful.


Logistical Support

Hunter are required to hold on their own gear at all time, this makes it easier to be mobile at a moments notice.


Some time the hunters are supported by locals and soldiers in order catch their target. But other than that their just on their own for the most part.


The hunters themselves are only payed through the jobs that are taken and most of it is given to the guild for equipment repairs and other expenses while the rest go the hunters themselves depending on the amount was rewarded to them.


Their are two ways to join the Black Order, you can go through standard recruitment or you are born into it. Those who are born in to the guild are from hunter families that go back generations and are trained at young age to be able to handle themselves in the field without a problem. While recruits have to have some experience or hunting. Most recruits are either hunters or soldiers. It does not matter if they are male of female along as they can handle themselves and know how to work in a group. Recruits are also required to hunt a predator successfully and bring it back to show their skills.


Into Darkness

The Night Hunters were created ten years into the Night War as the soldiers of the newly formed Black Order lead by Saint Ganacus as an elite force trained to take the supernatural forces of the Legions of the Night. Though most the legions themselves consisted of undead, the rest of the lot consisted of the more lethal variety of monsters, such as Vampires , Werewolves , Ghoul and other such creature that couldn't be kill by normal means. Most of these hunters would consist of warrior priests, veteran soldiers and professional monster hunters that managed to survive up until now. Theses hunters were used behind enemy lines to take out high value targets and wipe highly dangerous creatures that would a serous threat to the war effort. Many of them would not return from these missions. When they were used on the frontlines they were only brought out to take more dangerous supernatural creatures other than undead since they hard to replace due to expertise. The best example of this was at the Battle of the Meral Plains or to the Bloody Plains by the veterans of the battle. Where a large some of Werewolves and Ghouls were led by a Vampire general and caused heavy casualties. They would have kept rise the hunters stationed their dealt with them and killed the Vampire themselves. As war raged on the hunters numbers increased as well as dealing causing irreversible damage along the way to the undead armies.   Their most famous mission would be at the siege of Castle Bloodmoon, where they were sent to personal end the war by killing Korillia , the Queen of the Damned. A hundred of their finest would be sent in to get the job done and would be lead by Saint Ganacus himself. Only sixteen would return along with Saint Ganacus. The mission itself still remains to be mystery with no actual evidence that she was dead since castle itself collapsed making it her tomb. No one even dared to dig up the rubble and let it remain a ruin to this day. The Night Hunters would still be hunting long after the war in order to kill any stragglers that escaped. A few years after though, Ganacus would pass away and the control of the order would be under control of the Church of the Spirit and Flame. Decades later they were ordered to be disbanded and they refused and left the church to be an independent organization. They would be hunting monsters ever since. The Western Lands have since been reminded of how dark the world was back and of those who dared to walk straight into the darkness ever since. The hunters themselves are mostly respected by many for the task that they been given while some just think of them as mercenaries instead of monster hunters.

Historical loyalties

The Night Hunters themselves were once loyal to the Church of the Spirit and Flame before they were ordered to disband. They refused and became independent. They have only be loyal to themselves ever since.
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What happens if the hunters fail to kill a target?

17 Oct, 2018 17:13

They usually die, since creatures such as these aren’t the type to leave survivors that encounter them, if they do manage to survive they are often infected and are are put down or commit suicide. Only very few experienced hunters can survive such an encounter and survive. But those who do tend to keep hunt their target until its eliminated since that is what they were paid to do and if they don’t they would be discredited by their employer. Which is why a hunt can last from weeks to months at a time.

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