Their is always a price to pay for those who feast upon the flesh of their fellow man. The wendigo is one such creature, all fear it and no one dares speaks it name. The Wendigo itself is actually an evil spirt that looks for a host. Once a Human eat Human flesh the spirit take control of the body and transforms into the beast with the Human still trapped inside. They will forever hunt in hopes of satisfy their endless hunger. Once they find prey to hunt they never stop chasing and survival is unlikely. Those who do though have their minds completely vacant from the shear sight of it and will soon crave Human flesh, which is a condition known as the Hunger. The Wendigo is known to play with is food before eating it, making howls and mimicking human voices to drive its prey insane. You can never outrun it for it can hunt for hours without rest and you cannot in a building for it can unlock doors with ease. They can uplift trees and cause stampedes of nearby most of which would cause famine to the region. They also can create ice storm and block out they sky with clouds. When it finally catches you, it will be a slow and painful death to follow.   Once it is done eating it will hibernate for month or even years before it awakens again. Wounding it by normal means won’t work either since it can regenerate. One of the few ways to survive is by staying very quit and still. If it will not see you due to its poor eyesight but never look at it in its eyes or you will be sorry. Another wash is to set it on fire, but has to cover the whole body to work. Last but not least the most dangerous course of action, cutting out its icy heart with a silver blade and shatter it. If you survive you need to follow a ritual to truly kill it. First, you have to take the shattered wendigo heart and place it in a fire. Keep the fire going until heart itself final burns away when as ice exterior finally gives in silver plating to chop off all of the wendigo's limbs and head. Finally, salt the body, burn it until it's ash, and let the wind scatter the remains. Only then will the monster finally be dead, but you never be the same after what happened to you when you encounter such a monster.

Basic Information


Wendigos are taller than any Human . They become thin and long as well with the feet replaced by hooves and the hands turn it claws. The head itself is that of a deer with antler, but with teeth that can ripe through flesh with ease.

Genetics and Reproduction

Cannot reproduce

Growth Rate & Stages

The Human host becomes less human as time passes and more deer like in appearance along with looking skinny and monstrous.

Ecology and Habitats

Only come out during winter, other times of the year are rare, but possible.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Eats Humans flesh and always hungers for more. Tends to eat their victims alive as long as possible instead of killing them as they wish to savor the life that they take.

Biological Cycle

The Wendigo becomes less Human as time goes on and their hunger is never satisfied.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Wendigos hunt alone and perfer it that way. Hunting in groups are rare and Windigos are highly territorial, fighting one another for control of hunting grounds is common.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

A Wendigo's heart is consider high valuable to those who practice dark magic, but as long as the heart remains the Wendigo lives on and will seek it out to reclaim it.

Facial characteristics

Deer skull with fangs

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found only in the Great Forest .

Average Intelligence

Is able to mimic human voices and unlock doors. They as smart as any human. They often prefer their prey to run and enjoy the hunt as long as possible.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wendigos have poor eye sight but it is replaced with hearing that is near perfect and find it’s prey from miles away.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Supernatural
Human Cannibalism
Conservation Status
Average Height
7 feet tall
Average Weight
300 bounds
Average Length
Average Physique
Has inhuman strength and speed and can hunt for several hours, along with high levels of endurance. Even through they look skinny and covered in worn out fur.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Brown fur and grey skin
Related Myths

Cover image: Wendigo by IrenHorrors


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