The Tribe of Bones


According to the forest tribes, the tribe of bones were once a great and powerful tribe that ruled over all the tribes. This was during the time of the Elves lived on Continent of Kinath as well. But it was even said that the Elves were no match for them as well. They say that they were as fast as Elves and could out match them in strength as well. Its also said to be ruthless and merciless to all around them during their reign of terror. As time went on their lust for power seemed unquenchable to them and would continue to go down to the path of madness. They keep taking and taking from all around them and they were never satisfied. Even through it seemed that they had all that they had wanted in the realm of the living it seemed that it was never enough to them and wanted more. They wanted to power of the spirit world as well in their lust for power. To bend the spirits to their will and theres alone. They gather all of their Shaman and began their unholy ritual to gain entry to the spirit world and conquerer it. But as they did this all the spirits of the land became angered by such a horrific and insolent deed. Their anger was go great that the very sky became an any empty void and the wind howled with all the screams and yells of all those that they ever wronged. Even the anger of the spirits could be seen physicals as great flames around them. They called out to the tribe saying that their crimes have gone on for long enough and that they would suffer for all eternity. Not even death would set them free, for they were no longer accepted in the spirit world and would be cast out forever. Their homes burned to the ground, the food that they touch would rot away before them.The cloths on their bodies would turn to ash and the they would feel no warmth from and flame and would fear it for it brought only pain. But the worst of it all was the hunger that they felt, for they were never satisfied with what they had and they would never know that satisfaction ever again. Doomed to forever walk the earth in endless torment and never know peace. They wonder and wander but the hunger never went away no matter what they ate. The only thing that could use for clothing was that of the bone of anything the could kill. Then one day they came upon they fellow tribesman and began killing them and devouring their flesh. Which seem to bring some satisfaction to and continued feasting upon them. As they continued to do this they began to change the longer that they ate until they no longer human all together. They would become the first of the Wendigo and hunt all those who they came across. The spirits of the land were angered even more by this atrocity and took away even more from them as punishment. The warm air felt like knives their lungs and ground behind them burned their feet. They were forced to go underground and would meet a great sleep as well, for who knows how long that may be. But when they did the it would be during the coldest day of winter and would hunt all those they could find. But even their humanity was taken from them in the process and they turned one another from hunger alone. They would scatter across the winds and they would continue to do so until the end of time.

Historical Basis

Its hard to say since the tribes speak of everything orally to keep their history alive. But many of them speak of it as their actual history. Not to mention that this was during the time of the Elves and what ever records that might have been recorded has long since been destroyed. Making it more like as story to scare their children if they misbehave.


It is commonly told through out the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal and thats how far the extent seems to be known. It is completely obvious to those outside of the Great Forest.

Variations & Mutation

The tribes often try to keep it as accurate as much as they can, but in some stories it is said that the tribe of bones were cannibals even before they became Wendigo, while others state that they were once a noble tribe that was corrupted by dark spirts that lead them on their path of damnation.

Cultural Reception

The tribes often fear the legend since they know that Wendigos are real and use it as a reminder to all those who would lead them down the path of lust. Other culture across the land find it nothing more than superstitious nonsense.

In Literature

It is only told orally.

In Art

Some times often make paintings to remind them of what fate that may follow them in they should never know satisfaction.
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