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These magic beings are violent and cannot be reasoned with. If left alone for too long they were grow more powerful. But it’s is quite difficult for them to not be spotted since they stick out like a sore thumb with their glowing eyes. Not to mention that they will just walk through just about anywhere when it comes to feeding on magic. The best way to kill one is to starve it first to bring it into a more weaker state instead of it fight at full power and getting killed in the process. But you have to trap it first, that require something with magic in it since they need to feed on magic to survive. The area have to isolated and be able to hold it so does not escape. While it’s feeding you would have trap it with items that have reinforced wards or runes that will keep it from escaping from then. Which would be a chains or a chage since it will be able to endure it power. After that you would just have to wait until it’s weaker and behead since it doesn’t feel pain and organs self regenerate if damage is done to them. The body would them start to burn itself and turn to ash.

Basic Information


Humanoid form of the body that take procession of.

Biological Traits

The color of a Hollowborn can be shown by the magic of the spellcaster, meaning if they practiced in fire magic it would be red and with each magic, gving of a certain color to identify them.

Growth Rate & Stages

Remain in the stage that the user received theirMagic Burnout that caused the change. As long as the magic remains they will remain that way indefinably

Ecology and Habitats

Can be adapt to any environment, due to the magic running through them as they do not feel anything anymore to harm them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Feed on magic, mostly those with magic running in their veins or areas containing magic.

Biological Cycle

Thy are made of magic, so need more of it to keep them going or they will die after a long period of time. It will also give them more power the longer they feed on a source.

Additional Information

Social Structure

There is no social structure to them and when another Hollowborn sees another one, they will often kill it and take its magic energy to extend their lifespan. They often try to mimic things the from the memories of the spellcaster to better understand the world around them or try to fit into a community.


Surprisingly they can be domesticated, so long as you feed them magic once in a while. It much like molding clay since they are like children since they do not know any better and be told to do about anything you wish. But are prone to fits of rage that could cause unknown consequences if not careful.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

If ever captured alive, they will often be used as test subjects in the fields of alchemy and magic in order to understand it better since they are made of pure magic. The remain of one can also be used for potions, drugs, and rituals.

Facial characteristics

Depends on host

Geographic Origin and Distribution

A Hollowborn can be created anywhere at any time at any place and will travel were ever their is magic to be found in the world.

Average Intelligence

They create their own sentient as times goes on, these magic beings are violent and cannot be reasoned with. They also retain some memories of the spellcaster and do not understand the concept of right and wrong.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Magic has enabled them to hear and see everything around them to know who is around and if there is magic in their area.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Magic Born
Conservation Status
Created from magic only
Average Height
Depends on host
Average Weight
Depends on host
Average Physique
They not as strong, but if left alone for to long they were grow more powerful in magical capabilities.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Depends on host

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