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High Elves

Basic Information


Slim humanoids that are tall then most other races. Along with lean muscles an sturdy bones to move faster.

Biological Traits

High Elves are the tallest of the Elven races and have longer pointy ears. Along with having better eyes to see farther distances.

Genetics and Reproduction

Reproduce heterosexually with pregnancy lasting two years.

Growth Rate & Stages

High Elves grow the same amount of time as a Human and stop aging once reaching adulthood.

Ecology and Habitats

Prefer forests and plains where they often live off of agriculture and build their settlements around open areas to avoid harming the environment as much as possible.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Farming crops and storing it for later.

Additional Information

Social Structure

High Elves follow a hierarchy and elected leaders in society. Due to their long life spans leaders are often in power for centuries. Though violence against long standing leaders is often rare.

Facial characteristics

Smooth facial features. but cannot grow facial hair.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

High Elves are only found on the continent of Dageth in the northern regions.

Average Intelligence

High Elves are said to think and reach faster then most other races and are able to solve problem much faster than most. They are natural skilled in the arts of magic and smithing. Along with stone masonry and are able to learn several different languages.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Excellent hearing and sight, and use magic to improve upon it.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

  • Male: Glarald, Paeral, Druindar, Elwin, Ascal, Ellisar.
  • Female: Alanis, Penelo, Selphie, Sillavana, Sionia, Nueleth.
  • Neutral: Elisen, Vulwin, Sharian, Faelyn, Isilynor, Khiiral.
  • Each High Elf is put in a house and has their own unique names so their are no common last names.

Major Organizations

Kingdom of Vilnera, Elven Free States

Beauty Ideals

Long rebound hair brushed and not cut. Some braid their hair and tie it into ponytail to have it out of the way. Wear jewelry with both wearing silver and women wearing jewels.

Gender Ideals

High Elves care little about gender roles in society since both men and women can do the same thing as the other. But men often let the females to thing that females have always done such as child caring, sowing and cleaning. But in times of war and conflict and females are low in numbers they are often moved to safe places in order to protect them and future generations. Sexuality does not matter in elvish culture and elves can go into same sex marriages and bathe with the one another is common no matter the gender. Revealing clothing does not matter either since it is natural to them and exposed skin will not harm anyone.

Courtship Ideals

High Elves are the closet race of Elves that have marragies. They often start by give them a Dirin, a flower of significance to them. This can be done by either participant. Then they would as permission from both of their houses to court one another. Then they would live with one another in order to bond with one another and see how each of their life styles can be evened out for the sake their love. This can take time with some taking years to final reach the marriage. Sex is allowed since it is unlikely to produce a child unless it is done constantly. It is usually practiced to be better prepared for chances of pregnancy when married. Often when they are ready they will both sing together the song "my affections" for all to hear. With same sex marriage it’s often much earlier for a marriage to happen. There is no evidence of trinkets being given to either of the participants.

Relationship Ideals

The bond between a pair of Elves have been know for lasting a lifetime for one another. But depending on the elf either spouse having more or less freedom. With some couple traveling with one another often or remain in one spot for centuries But both tend to spend enough time with each other as much as possible and rarely leave each other’s side. Then their are those who travel often, they are usually the ones that have adventurous spirits that can never be tamed. You can tell them apart in a since they always have their hands intertwined with on another as they walk side by side. But some are forced to leave one another’s side depend on their job. This can cause depression after long periods of time apart and sometime lead to death if it is not handled correctly.

Average Technological Level

They best known of their large shining cities that surround the forests, along with their metal working create weapon that are both deadly and beautiful at the sametime. But the most prized thing they have is magic. A power that can easily be controlled by them and not pay for as much for as well. But they often make laws in order no to abuses in like many others before them.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

High Elvish

Common Etiquette Rules

High Elves are highly social species that often take it to another level. Friends often embrace one another with a hug regardless of gender when meeting each other. With spouses they put their foreheads together as a sign of love. They say Ferna stori to one another, mean hello my dear friend and spouses say Fenra vusi, meaning hello my love. It is accustomed to the have a drink with one another a wish them good health. As for dining together they often sing a song of from of faith to thank the gods for what they have.

Common Dress Code

Many elves wear extravagant clothing made by great seamstress and seamsters who create it from wool and do it in a way to make it light and smooth. clothing is often wear clothing that exposes some skin, with men its the chest and with women its the stomach. But these are usual worn it the cities as fashion and clothing colors are often, white, blue, red, orange and black. But out in the forests and plains they often wear tan or green clothing that leave no exposed skin. Since they are in constant danger from attack by Orcs, the use it to easily blend in with their surrounding to get to safety and exposed skin in sever weather condition can be quite dangerous. Some militarists of the High Elves even have armor sown it their clothing with shoulder pad and silver mail underneath to be prepared for battle.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Many High Elves are descended form the first Elves that land on Dageth thousands of years ago, they have keep some traditions and modified them, but have decided to live a more high society base for their civilization.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

  • Singing
  • The Dance of Stars
  • The Day of the Sun
  • Night of the Moon
  • Festival of Life
  • The Feast of Ages

Common Taboos

Magic is consider a sacred tool that should not be abused for it is a natural as everything else in the world. Those who had abused it before became corrupted and became the Dark Elves. Which is why they often have rules and laws from stopping this from happening again. Inner racial breeding is also forbidden, this is usually meant for relationships with other species of elves and consider an act of desecration on their society. Forsaking the gods and worshiping others is another serious crime which can often lead to exile or religious punishment. But the most serious of all is incest, for it is said to be a barbaric thing to and their have been stories that lead to terrible fates to those who breed with their kin and had offspring.


The High Elves came to be after the Great Elvish Schism that transpired a century after the Elves landed in Dageth. They soon discovered how to use magic and soon went to war with the Dark Elves that where created from dark magic. After War of Light and Dark ended with the Dark Elves sent underground, the High Elves continued to build their society. But the land was forever scared when the magic used in the war raised some of the land off the ground and made them float, these would be called the Sky Isles of Teruian. White cities made of stone and marble would soon be created and would be seen all across the land as far as the eye could see. They controlled most of the land, even into the Black Plains, which was called the Yucan Plains back then. Creating the elven Kingdom of Vilnera in the process. Peace would last for some time even with the other races when hatred for one another was not yet created.That would change the Dwarves started to cutting down trees and building mines when they found ore and mineral on High Elf land. They gave them far warning and they did not listen and war would begin when a group of High Elves attacked them after destroy a sacred sight the belonged to them. They would call it the War of Wood and Stone and it rage on for over a century. Peace would be achieved after the Orcs landed in the Black Plains and being to wipe out the populations of High Elves long there. This would be the First Horde War and would go on for decades more as the newly founded alliance of Dwarves and High Elves would face the Orc, Trolls, and the newly created Ogres of the Black Horde. The Black Bloods would return their lands in defeat and peace was achieved with the Dwarves. They soon began to rebuild again and peace once again came. But many more hordes would attack from time and time again through the centuries. Making the High Elves constantly on the defensive and militarize themselves for future wars. A few centuries later another division was created with the High Elves when the Northern lands of Vilnera wanted to become their own separate state, since they grew tired of the monarchy which they believed was failing them and the constant wars that lead many of their people to death. No one wanted to spill the blood of their kin, and they allowed it, creating the Elven Frees states in the process. This would be one of the most peaceful events in the history of the Elves. Since that time things remained the same wars with the Black Bloods continued and peace would agin be restored. This seems to be an endless cycle for them know and must live it every single day until they die. But that does not seem to bother for they are an enduring people and will live life as if was their last day on Terus. For that has always been the elvish way for them and nothing seems to able to stop them from doing so.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The High Elves are constantly butting heads with all the races on Dageth, including other Elves. They often consider them corrupted creatures compared to them. For most of the other races they seem to tolerate them for the time being and enjoy the peace they have with them. But they can not tolerate Black Bloods or Dark Elves who always want to wipe them out any chance they get. But as for Humans is remains to be seen since they had not made contact with them since they arrived on Dageth.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
Conservation Status
Their are several million High Elves that live on Dageth
Average Height
Male 6”0’ - 6”5’, Female 5”8’ - 6”3
Average Weight
Male 160lb - 170lb, Female 140lb - 150lb
Average Physique
Lean and thin are what make them fast and agile. Allowing the to achieve movement patterns that much more difficult to achieve by other races.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Creamy skin


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