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Wild Elves

Basic Information


They bodies are slim, but well built. Creating strong muscles and and sturdy bones.

Biological Traits

Wild Elves are shorter then most other Elves and highly different biologically. Their bodies and senses are more advanced to suit their way of life. Along with a better understanding of nature around them as it they could communicate with it. Along with having a stronger immune system to diseases that seem fatal to most others.

Genetics and Reproduction

Wild Elves take eleven months to to give birth.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes about sixteen years for a Wild Elf to be fully grown.

Ecology and Habitats

They live in forest areas were they live of the land and only take what they need to survive.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Hunting and foraging is their way of life and often eat everything that is edible.

Additional Information

Social Structure

They live in tribal society that comprise of only a few dozen members and are led by a chieftain. They often mostly hunters and foragers of both genders.

Facial characteristics

Slim, but broader faces and males can grow facial hair.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Wild Elves make their home on the sub continent of Asult near the Continent of Dageth. In a place know as the Woodlands. It is place that is always place that is always warm and food is plentiful since the Awakening happened.

Average Intelligence

Wild Elves are as crafty as they are elusive. They know every animals by sound and smell and can find their way through a forest faster then anyone else. How to track prey without even knowing they are being followed. They can even predict what they can even do.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their sense of sight, sound and smell are highly advanced then any other species of Elf. This due to living in their environment.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male: Jaku, Dranum, Linco   Female: Asha, Hene, Dulma

Beauty Ideals

Women often use feathers and small trinkets to gain more attention and men us furs of animals they killed for masculinity.

Gender Ideals

Gender does not really matter to them that much as both genders can still do same thing as the other. Except htat women are consider more presious to the tribe as they help bring forth the future. Which means they are often taken to safety far away if there is any danger that is near.

Courtship Ideals

The idea of a mate is something taken very seriously by the Wild Elves. A male must be capable of caring for his family if the female is with child or unable to do so. So they have a important ritual known as Halan Tukar, or the Hunt of Devotion. Either gender can declare the trial, but the male is the one who always takes the lead. Unlike the most hunts where the hunter goes after an animal, the female is the the target that he is after. The whole idea is to catch her and only then will she accept the male as her mate. Of course, catching her is the difficult part and the trial can some time last for weeks at time and will only stop if the female is caught or the male gives up. Which is why all the male’s skills must be used in order to do so. Once she is caught though, they consummate their union then and their to make if official.

Relationship Ideals

To be in union between a male and female is a lifelong bond of devotion and sacrifice as survival is the top priority for them and their family. If one fail to achieve these duties then are no longer fit to be together and will seek out another to aid in their goal.

Average Technological Level

The renounce advance technologies and only use primitive tools and weapons. Along with building techniques that do no harm the environment around them.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

  • Old Tongue
  • Dra’Turr

Common Etiquette Rules

Wild Elve are ver physical when comes to their lifestyle. This is due to the kinship to one another as they treat each other as brothers and sisters. Making a stronger community and peaceful society. As for the rest, it mostly standard procedures depending on what your status is in society.

Common Dress Code

The often wear furs of animals they killed and only wear enough clothing for decency and the rest is exposed skin. Along with wearing bones and small trinkets of animals they killed. Only higher members of their soceity wear more clothing to represent their status.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Wild Elves choose to return to the ancient time of how the Elves by becoming one with the land and living off it rather then exploiting it. Along with speaking with spirits and gods of old.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

  • Tattoos
  • Ceremonial clothing
  • Offerings
  • Trials
  • Animal companions

Common Taboos

  • Forsaking their way of life
  • Accepting technology
  • Killing for sport
  • Allowing outsiders into their lands


After the Awakening nothing was the same with the Elves and over time they started to break apart and form their own groups. The Wild Elves or by some the Wood Elves took that to a whole new level. The renounced the ways the Elves lied by for thousands of years, believing that this was what they deserved by forsaking the old ways as they were driven from their homeland and had been slaughtering each other for power that was magic. Thousands were to have said to have just left their homes with entire settlements being abandoned over night. Many of them began to live in the forest and began praying with their old gods and spirits that lived across the land. They stay cleared from the High Elves that started to settle across the land across the new Kingdom of Vilneria. Both sides minded their own business for a time, but eventually the kingdom wanted to convert to the House of Sun and Moon or leave. The chiefs of the tribes gathered together to see if they should do and gether their shamns to see it their gods and the spirits of what would be the right choice. The Shamans told them that they saw many visions of they saw of things of what to come if they chose to stay. They spoke of death from their distant kin and of a war with the Dwarves that lived in the mountains. But the greatest of them all would a dark force that would come from the great seas and when it came fire and death would follow it their wake. None of them would survive if they stayed in these lands and spoke of lands of Asult were it had remained untouched by all. Only there would their people survive the storms to come.   It was decided, a great migration began as the all of the Wild Elves from across the land sought out to find their promise land. It was there at the cliffs of Demur that they were told that their salvation would arrive. They prayed for days to have there salvation to allow them to cross the sea as they had no ships to do so. Then after many long days and nights an unexpected event transpired that would carry them to their new home. A massive glacier came from the deepest seas and parked itself right on the cliff and they quickly bordered it. Once on the water took them to the land of Asult and they rejoiced at its beauty and abundance that it had to nurture. They had a place to call their own and lived happily.   For many generations, the Wild Elves lived in peace and harmony in their lands without the notion of any threats that would befall them. They had heard of the War of Stone and Wood as the shamans had foreseen, but it did not reach them and they carried on with their lives. But after several decades the second part of their visions came pass as well. As the Orcs had landed in the southern plains and brought fire and destruction to all. With many of them landing in Asult as well and war had come to them and they were unprepared. Their lands and homes were torched as the Orc invaders took advantage of them. But oh did their anger grow as they pillaged their home and burned their lands. As they fought back they realized that war was a much like a hunt and they knew these lands better then their foreign foes. Their counter attack as swift as it was merciless as none of the Orcs were spared and their head were mounted upon the cliff that they came upon to deter anymore outsiders from coming.   From that day forth no one was allowed to come to their lands

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They often prefer to avoid contact with other races, especially other Elves as they are deemed corrupted for they farsake the gods and spirits that made them prosperous. Along with destroying the land to build farms and settlements.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
Conservation Status
Though they are secretive by nature, there a said to be at least a million.
Average Height
Male: 5’5” - 5’7” Female: 5’3” - 5’5”
Average Weight
Male: 150 - 170 Female: 130 -150
Average Physique
Due their lifestyle, they are physical fit then most other Elves. They are much faster and stronger making the capable hunters.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Light brown

Cover image: Wild Elf by Monica Doss


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