Kingdom of Vilneria


The kingdom is lead by an elected monarch chosen by the people, known as Del'shan. Who remains in office until their term is over or they die. The Del'shan is also advised by a council made up the every major group in the kingdom to ensure that all parties are treated equally. They are known as the White Council and are sworn to ensure that the kingdom flourishes under their rule.

Public Agenda

To secure the survival of the High Elves and the preservation of the light. Along with keeping the darkness at bay with that light.


Their cities are designed to with stand long sieges, along with a series of farts in key locations to withstand invasion. The elves have ships and uses animals in their military ensure that no can get in without their say so. Along with their lush environment they have no need to worry about growing hungry.


The Rise of the Light

  After the war of Light and Dark and the Awakening that lead to the Elven Schism, the newly formed High Elves to set themselves to a life of worship of the light that would protect them from darkness. The House of Sun and Moon would become the main worship of their people and raised above all else. But in doing so they became more distant to of religions that the Elves originally worshiped and outlawed many of them. Causing some infighting between minorities form time to time.  

The Golden Age

  The High Elves would live in gradual peace as for the next few centuries as they expanded across the forested areas and grass lands to the south. Creating a massive empire that rivaled even the Dwarven kingdoms at the time. With the arts and culture flourishing as peace went on. During this time magic became more apart of society more then ever as it was used as an energy source and used in many parts of daily life. Conflict was rare at the time as well, making it easier to deal with the Dwarven Kingdoms. But general diplomacy with the other Elvish races was almost none existent. Though this peace had been long desired by High Elves it cause the military to be significant weakened with time and cause militia groups to be formed in order to defend their homes when incursions happen from time to time.  

Centuries of War

  The Golden Age would end with the first war between Elves and Dwarves , known as the War of Stone and Wood. The causes of which has never been examined to this day as both sides blame the other for the cause of it. The war would last for centuries as the fighting became more and more destructive with both sides refusing to give in. Causing the kingdom rapidly expand it military as the conflict progress using any means to gain the advantage. It was not until the arrival of the Orcs in southern part of the continent and the plains would entirely fall to the control of the Orcs, their Troll allies and the newly created Ogres. The kingdom would be unable to retake these lands again and those living on them would be either killed or enslaved. From that day forth they would be called the Black Plains and be the home of theses savage creatures. The First Black Blood War would create an alliance between the Elven kingdom and the Dwarven kingdoms to set aside their differences and repel this threat that would see them all destroyed. After a few decades and the eventual defeat of the Black Bloods, the Dwarves and the High Elves signed a peace treaty and their has not been a war between Elves and Dwarves since. But raids and wars between the Black Bloods and the kingdom would continue to this day.  

A Nation on the Defense

  Due to the threat of the Black Bloods, mostly notably the Orcs due warlike nature. The kingdom has become more dedicated to preserving a strong military to protect its land and a series of defensive fortifications to ensure that they do not get too far into their borders. They are unable to create invasions into the Black Plains due to the massive disadvantages with the unfamiliar terrain and manpower need to ensure that such a feat can be achieved. All they can really do is simple endure what ever is thrown at them. This means that a strong defensive plan is need in order to succeed and preserve their territory as much as possible. Though they do not build fortifications on the borders of plains and the kingdom. Since the are more likely to be destroyed that way from constant attacks.They just allow who ever crosses them and picks them off when the army comes in to deal with them. Meaning that they are willing to sacrifice a few lives of some settlements in order to save more lives.  

Threats from the Shadows

  Black Bloods are not the only threat to the kingdom. As Shadow Elves often scheme and plan in order to destroy the kingdom. This has lead to several conflicts and schemes between the kingdom and the Shadow Elves the live in the The Deep . All of which have failed in the end. But special groups and joint task forces have been created stop them before they can strike again. The Silver Cloaks and the Stone Wood Pact are some of the more significant groups that have helped stop this threat. Along with some cooperation from Wild Elves and Snow Elves theses threats have be halted from time to time. Allow some peace to be maintained in the kingdom.  

A Time of Division

  Over four hundred years ago, a crisis emerged within the kingdom that still remained ground breaking to this day. The day the northern territories of the kingdom wished to seceded from the kingdom. This of course was something something that the kingdom did not want to happen, but could do little about as another Horde had been formed and had laid waist to the south of the kingdom. The Northern territories refused to send troop leaving the army weaken and allowing the horde to run rampant. Then they came with them with a deal, that they would send their forces to fight in the south on one condition. That the north could seceded and become their own separate nation. It was an offer that could not refused and it was done. After the horde was defeated, the north reformed into the Elven Free States and both sides have refused to cooperate with one another ever since.

Demography and Population

High Elves make up much of the population of the kingdom. Many live in cities, but their are stil some that live in forest and fields.


Much of the kingdom is built in their ancestral lands of Hel'hulam, or the Sacred Wood in the common tongue. Spanning much of the east and bordering south of the Black Plains. The North however is now controlled by the Elven Free States after they separated the kingdom.


Much of the miltary is made up the army as they are need more since naval engagements are not as common. Making the army being more developed and supplied. Theses armies have centuries of battle experience and and are masters in the art of war. Using artillary and war beasts also helps. Along with their light yet durable armor and weapons that use speed to their advantage.

Technological Level

They are a highly advanced society that is advanced in sea faring, mathematics and magic. Most citizens have access to even the sophisticated arts of engineering, farming and carpentry.


The House of Sun and Moon is the only religion in the kingdom and all others are consider forbidden by the state. They have great power over the kingdom as they are highly regard and have hold in public office and the noble houses of the kingdom.

Foreign Relations

The kingdom stands in a precarious situation as the moment as they walk on the thread of a fragile peace that has lasted for over three hundred years. The Dwarven kingdoms, though stubborn and suspicious of them still continue lucrative trade. But old grudge can easily flare up if one is not too cautious with them. The Elven Free States which separated from them five hundred years ago still remains isolated and indifferent from them, refusing to trade and cooperate with them. Along with the Wood Elves of the Woodlands as they see them as savages for forsaking the gods of their ancestors for the sun and moon. Then finally, south in the Black Plains the black blood races of Orcs, Trolls and Ogres continue their their raids along the southern border as a way of life.

Agriculture & Industry

Much of their industry is made up of agriculture as its is more plentiful due to the lush region that the kingdom is built around. But stone masonry and carpentry are as productive as well. The domestication of some of animals that seem impossible to tame is also done for common use is done as well for agriculture and transportation.

Trade & Transport

Elves general trade by land and some routes by sea. These routes are often designed to be safe and secure to ensure the products are not attacked. Roads dirt roads and use camouflage in order to confuse orc raiders and tower emplacements on sea trade routes to deter pirates. Most supplies goes to the Dwarves kingdoms out of necessity and the rest just goes all across the kingdom.


Education is long term for a High Elf as the live much longer then most races. Education starts at ten years old and lasts for ninety years as they are brought into adulthood. At the age ten they are taught of their origins and the calamities that have besmirched them to this day. History is taught about the history of the kingdom and events that changed it. Along with religious teaching of the House of Sun and Moon to an extent that they must chose which house that they wished to be apart of at a young age. They are often sent on field trips around the kingdom to better understand these fact and to better face the reality that they live in. A age of fifty they given a choice to be what they want to be when they reach adulthood, which they call paths. Which are called the warrior, pious, seafarer, healer, journeymen, sentinel, wise, way finder, awakened and speaker. They then branch of into those groups to continue their studies until they reach adulthood.


Much of the kingdom is built with in the forests and some open areas as well. With roads only leading to certain settlements to ensure safe routes for travelers. Along with certain defenses that are strategically built to defend the kingdom from known threats. Along with a series of warning systems to alert neighboring settlements of possible threats.

May the light Guide Us

Founding Date
2676 BCA
Alternative Names
Elven kingdom, Homeland, Dera Sadra
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Light Stones
Major Exports
Food is often asked by the Dwarves as food has become scarce with their mountains being picked clean.
Major Imports
They need metal and stone as they do not have the necessary technology for mining and quarries. That and their teachings of desecrating nature for the riches of the earth forbids them to do so. Making trade with the Dwarves more important then ever.
Legislative Body
The Del'shen, White council and the Circle of Order are in charge of making the laws of the kingdom.
Judicial Body
The Keepers of Truth are the only group that are allowed interpret the laws
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Notable Members


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