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House of Sun and Moon


The house is divided into three different groups representing a different god. The Keepers of the Sun are followers of the sun god, Bern. Along with the Keepers of the Moon which worshipped the moon goddess, Nera. Their is also one more house that actually exist as well, the Keepers of Equinox, worshiping the Equinox god, Juron.

Public Agenda

To protect the world by keeping the celesitial lights in order so theat the world does not fall into eternal darkness.


Most of the clergy are granted powers in favor of their god and given a temple in every settlement.


The houses have always played their part in protecting the light from darkness. Many Elves worshiped the sun and moon. But when the War of Light and Dark broke out they were often seen on the frontlines of battle seeing the Dark Elves are creatures corrupted by darkness and must be vanquished. After the war they went on a full scale hunt to purge all the wickedness across the land. Peace would be restored for a time and they would go back to their daily practices. The order would spread it teaching to all who would listen and soon all the High Elves would follow it with all their heart and soul.Of course there were fanatics that popped up after that calling themselves the Equilibrium that would be more violent then most of the other orders of the religion and would start a division into the houses and lead to a religious up rising known as the War of the Pale Light, leading to several decades of war, but they finally be defeated, but to ensure that a war like this would never happen again, they were put under the control of the houses and make into a secret police force to search out any forms of darkness were the order could not reach. The Houses would bring fourth relative peace as timed progressed and all would find hope and peace in the light of their gods and it has been this way to this day. Only coming to protect the land in their time of need and never abusing their power.

Mythology & Lore

The Elves believe that the sun and moon had been gods before Bern and Nera, but they were killed and need someone to hold the mantle, they soon choose Bern and Nera, who were Elves that were married to one another and that their love was so strong that it created a radiant light that could blind all who gazed upon them. Their purity was perfect for them, but they could not be able to see one another until the coming of the twilight, dawn and the equinox as the sun and moon were separated from one another by night and day. They choose what was best and they parted counting the hours to when they could see one another again. During their first reunion together, Nera became pregnant and gave brith to their son, Juron. Who would be the god the dawn twilight and equinox and be the protector of his parents as they were vulnerable to attack they could be attacked and kill as they were distracted by one another.

Divine Origins

It was original brought with the Elves when they came to Dageth and would be heavily worship as the High Elves came into being. They would be the only species of Elves that would ever worship them and the religion would soon take hold over all High Elves in to never again lose their way in darkness ever again.

Cosmological Views

They beileve that the Sun and Moon are the most important things in the world and through them. With each one keeping the light in the world no matter what time of day it is. But they must have protectors so that darkness for it comes in all shapes does not comsume them and bring the world into eternal darkness once more. As long as the light remained all could live in peace under its splendor.

Tenets of Faith

  • The sun holds the darkness at bay in the day
  • The moon reveals truth that darkness hides away at night
  • The sun and moon are one in the same as they are the light of the world
  • The Truth shall always be relieved in the light
  • Even in the darkness a glimmer of light can still keep hope alive
  • Darkness can hide in plain sight and can be any where even in plain sight
  • Love is not weakness, it is strength and is the brightest light of all


Prayer must be conducted everyday at a certain point depending on the god they worship. Priest are allowed to marry, but only between members the opposite house. They are only allowed to marry once to represent their love such as Bern and Nera and Any children born will be children of the Equinox and be trained as defenders of the faith.


Prayer and an a stone representing their god must be given every day, with sun worshippers praying in the day with a Sun Flower and its light given to Bern. While moon worshippers pray at night and use a moon stone to grant its light to Nera. But those who worship the god Joron they must instead a sword blessed in moonlight and sunlight since they offer to defend the sun and moon at twilight and dawn and the equinox and ready to fight during those times.


Anyone can become a part of the houses, but only men can be priests of Beren and women only be Priestesses of Nera. Their faith must be unshaken able and they each must be able to withstand the temptation of darkness by confronting in the form of their worst fear. Once they are chosen they will transformed into the form of their god. Men will be Sun Priests and women, Moon Priestesses.

Granted Divine Powers

To the Sun Priests, they are granted the powers of the sun to vanquish darkness and purify the corrupted and to Moon Priestesses, they are given the power to reveal the truth when darkness is hidden and trick it with illusions. Both of their power are weak during the opposite part of the dark. Put for followers of the equinox they are given a combine power of both to destroy the darkness and is powerful during dawn and twilight. All become power when the equinox arrives. They are also affected by what time of the day which they divide into phases.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The houses will not interfere unless the taint of darkness is discovered for politics are not an important matter to them and will leave them to themselves. But they will help those who wish for advice and seek guidance in troubled times. this also includes when Dark Elves, foreign faiths invading, invasions from other races which they are need most to guide the faithful. They are also allowed to be a part of military matters and fight against any threats.


  • The Children of Equinox
  • Moon Mothers
  • Sun Fathers
  • The Equilibrium

Balance through the enternal light.

Founding Date
3804 BCE
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Celestial Balance
Permeated Organizations


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