Great Tome Of Beasts

"What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected." - Chief Seattle
    Many creatures roam the lands of Terus, both great and small to common and mythical, but only a few have their place in the Tome of Beasts.  

1. Wings

Species | Feb 9, 2023

A giant bird that roams high above the desert with its massive wings blocking out the sun often being marked a its prey's final moments before it strikes.

2. Stripes,27. Stalk

Stripped Viper
Species | Feb 28, 2023

A dangerous snake known for its distinguished stripe pattern and it relentless stalking of it prey for miles.

3. Horn, 8. Prey

Species | Feb 15, 2023

A massive horned best that roam the vast Black Plains that will gore anything that dares come too close to it.

4. Shell, 20. Gentle

Stone Turtle
Species | Feb 17, 2023

A giant turtle known for its gentle nature, longevity, as well as its skin that is as hard as stone.

7. Mythical

Species | Feb 25, 2023

A massive sea monster surrounded by myth and legend that is said to devour passing ships bring terror to all sailors that dare sail on the open sea.

9. Monstrous

Species | Feb 15, 2023

A monstrosity that was once a dragon, but now fueled by the powers of necromancy it becomes creature only desiring death and destruction.

10. Danger, 24. Silent

Species | Feb 27, 2023

An infamous creature that has been know to roam the swamps of the Dark Continent spewing its venom with their waters and devouring all creatures that enter its domain.

12. Roar

Great Bear
Species | Feb 24, 2023

The largest bear in the west that makes it home in the deepest forest to feed upon anything that crosses its path.

11. Purr, 13. Shriek,21. Messenger

Lightning Bird
Species | Feb 28, 2023

A bird that is capable of channeling electricity with itself in order reach great speeds in order to reach places faster.

14. Howl,19. Stinky,16. Pack, 25. Parasite

Species | Feb 27, 2023

A race of twisted and vile creatures that cause trouble and destruction where ever they go with any regard to their actions.

15. Tamed,18. Bond

Species | Feb 21, 2023

A species of elephant know for being the largest of all of its cousins and making it home on the harsh and icy land of Norria.

17. Burrow,22. Food,5. Colorful,6. Nocturnal

Glistening Crab
Species | Feb 27, 2023

A crab of a colorful variety that considered a delicacy to those who are a fan of seafood.

23. Vicious

Dark Spirits
Species | Feb 25, 2023

Unlike others of their kind these spirits often desire to do harm to all things living.

26. Predator

Species | Feb 13, 2023

One of the dominate predators of the desert that is done to devour all things its path as much as it infamous stare that makes all creatures freeze in terror.


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