Oh how the sky blackened when the flames engulf Jarushela as the people cried out in fear as the fires soon consumed them and so did the great house of Aruder who shared their fate by the blades of the Black Bloods. - Excerpt from the Coming of the Black Horde


The city populated with more military personnel rather than civilians as they make up seventy percent of the population. Those who are civilians just live under constant fear as raids are common and just try to make a life for themselves out on the border.


The ruling power of the city is military government called the Council of Blades due to the dangers that the city has faced over threats that face the city along the border of the Black Plains. Everything goes through them and their word is final as sacrifices must be made for the survival of the city.


The city has massive walls to defend itself from large scale attacks and siege defense emplacements for both ground and air to pick off the attackers. The city also has only one way in a large draw bridge that surround by a moat with three layers of palisades. Magic wards have placed on the walls as well to deter magic that is being used on it. Signal outposts that go for miles are used to alert the city from possible attacks that may come.

Industry & Trade

The city has very little in industry say a few shops with homemade goods as very few people wish to go and live in the city. it usually just receives supplies to maintain itself in order to keep its defenses at it's peak.


The city is built around trees that have grown inside the city. Most of the buildings are standard housing and common buildings with necessity for the city to survive. They are mostly scattered about the place rather than pack together and many of them are built in the massive trees. The rest of it is mostly military barracks and defenses.


Doomed to Destruction

  Jarushela seems to be cursed by many as it has been destroyed eight times in it entire history much of it due to the many Black Blood Hordes that have razed it to the ground as it closest city near the Black Plains. The only other time that it was destroyed was from Dracolich that was summoned by Shadow Elves that wanted to cripple the Kingdom of Vilneria to start an invasion of the Elven lands. Only ruins remain and it would be built back up from the ashes to being all over again at a later date. But to the wise it was just built in the wrong place and no one would have thought this would happen. It only purpose know is to hold the line from all out destruction from all enemies as long as possible.  

Once Great Capital

  Though many have forgotten it, the city was once the capital of a seconded Elven Kingdom called Elvares that spanned all the way across the Black Plains, which were the Golden Plains before the Orcs come and brought about the formation of the first Black Blood Horde. Back in those days the House of Aruder ruled in their vast white city that even rivaled the Kingdom of Vilneria for a time. But when the First Horde War begin this kingdom soon collapsed and the city all but laid in ruins and the bloodline of Aruder was severed. What was left of the city were nothing more than a few buildings barely in intact from the fires and what history that survived as scatter amongst the ruins. The city when rebuilt would become apart of the Kingdom of Vilneria and would transformed into buffer zone to halt Black Blood raids form reaching deeper into the kingdom.  

Militarized Border

  Living in the city is different from most places as their are more military personal than civilians as nobody wants to live in a place that has been burned to the ground several times. Freedoms are limited do to the danger that lie beyond the city wall and all must follow the rules or be punished for it. Those who aren't military are either desperate or trying to make a life for themselves on the border. Though living in fear is not really living at all as most of the inhabitants dies when they city falls. The soldiers that do live in the city though are veterans of many battles and skirmishes along the border that are ready for anything that comes there way. Every scenario and plan has been created to prepare for what ever foe they face as those who dwell in the city have learned from the mistakes of the past. Even the city's defense have been improved and adapted to become state of the art that even a Dwarf would be impressed. Even if the city were to fall again the enemy would pay for every step in a lake of blood.


The architecture is of elvish design, but not much of it is worth building up since it keeps getting destroyed.


The city is on the border of the of the Black Plains and the kingdom of Kingdom of Vilneria near the Salvani River.
Founding Date
3423 BCA
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization

Cover image: Elven City by Thom Tenery


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