Black Plains

To step into the Black Plans is to know that your life could end at any moment! - Eshlan Luven
  The Black Plains was a name given by the Elves and Dwarves for its inhbaitants, Orcs, Trolls, and Ogres due to their blood being black. It is a completely different world once you step foot in a place like that, its nothing but the survival of the fittest. Meaning that war is nothing but a way of life for them and when they are not fighting each other they fight the rest of the continent instead. But Its was not always like this, the plains were originally called the Elsusian Plains back when the High Elves had control over the region leading the Kingdom of Vilnera to the highest peak of its power. That was Before the Orcs landed south of the continet and began thier wars driving the High Elves out and it has been this way ever since.


The area is mostly flat as the can see with the occasional tree cluster and rock formations here and there. The entire south of Dageth is made up of the plains, meaning their nothing else past that. Their are tunnels and caves all around them as well. Most of them leading to the Deep no matter where they are and can lead you to places across the continent in a matter of days. Ruins are common as well as remanants of the Kingdom of Vilnera can be found scatter around the region. Which are now home to many of the black blooded races.

Fauna & Flora

It may seem empty but it is far from and you don't want to be alone out there. Though their are just a few species of plants that can kill you or heal you, they are consider the friendlier side of these savage lands. The real dangers are with the animals which are big and many of them have lots of teeth. All of them are of which are aggressive and territorial b nature. Of course the biggest problem you would have to death with are the black blooded race that make their home there. The Orcs roam the land as nomadic tribes and hunt and raid as they please. If they don't eat you if they catch you they with abuse you as their slave and make you wish they killed you right then and there. The Trolls that live in their underground lodging are not the friendly type either as will tear you apart if your not carful enough. But the worst of them all would be the Ogres that make their

Natural Resources

The region has long since been bountiful region that is full of metals food. Along with serval places for stone quarries as well. But only a few groups have made use of these resources. Mostly Trolls who know metallurgy and stone masonry.
Alternative Name(s)
Elsusian Plains
Related Tradition (Primary)
Inhabiting Species


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