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The Deep

The Deep is consider one of the oldest places that existed on the continent of Dageth that predates all of its original inhabitants. It is a dark and unsavory place. Filled with things that even Dwarves dare not dig into. The origins of this place were that of the original masters of the continent, the Wryms. Giant creatures that burrowed deep in the earth to travel and search for food. These beasts would die out from unknown reasons, but many creature would take their place in these underground tunnel system that connects the entire continent. Making it possible to travel across the continent in a matter of days or weeks if one would want a change of scenery.


The Deep is every where across Dageth as it goes for thousands of miles. It is full of caverns and many other forms of cave systems. It is so massive and deep it is almost impossible to cartography the entire thing. But its best to stay in the levels closer to the surface as they tend to be safe. To go deeper in to it will only mean that death is all that awaits.

Fauna & Flora

It can be as beautiful as it can be deadly with most of the creatures that live in The Deep often eat what ever they can fine. Then you have to deal with the sentient inhabitants, Shadow Elves and Trolls. Who often war with one another and will kill trespassers that cross them. The things that will kill you the last are the plants since they are mostly fungal and some other forms of plants.

Natural Resources

The deep is a place full of resources that can make a man rich is they only look in the right place. Much of it are the stones and metals that are harvested from the earn. The animals are also a nice source of food and hunter often go looking for big game to hunt for trophies. Some plants can be used for food and medical as well.
Alternative Name(s)
The Underground, The Dark Tunnels
Underground / Subterranean
Inhabiting Species

Cover image: Cave by Nele Diel


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