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Awakening: The Binding of Magic

It was time when the Elves were one people, they were still learning to control magic as well when they discovered it on their new home of Dageth. Many had yet to understand this type of power and wished to properly understand it before anything else. But their were some who some abused that power as magic was also considered a source of ultimate power. This was once of the first cracks that would divided the Elven people. Those who abused it would seek the darker arts of dark magic to ensure that their power increase. With time the understanding of magic was divided between understanding it and dominating it.   Then finally all out war ensued that be known as the War of Light and Dark. The conflict would last of decades as the Elves spilled the blood of their kin by the thousands to decide the fate of their people. The use of magic became necessary as both sided did what they had to do to achieve victory. Then finally at the final battle of the the war began as both side clashed with what would be known as the Battle of Fates. During that battle two of the greatest magic wielders of that time Delan Kura and Makas Kulonas clashed in a duel that would be told throughout the ages. Never had such power been seen as both used their magic to their fullest extent, destroying everything around them. Then it happened, something that the world had never experienced before in its history. A massive explosion of magical energy was unleashed from the two opposing power and its power was felt all throughout Dageth as the earth shook and the sky dance with so many different colors then anyone could imagine.   When the dust finally settled, Delan Kura and Makas Kulonas were consumed by the blast and much of the armies form both sides with them. But something changed with them as their bodies were infused with magic and this effect was seen all throughout the land. Plants and animals were changed from the magical blast altering them completely. The war was over after that as new lines were drawn by Elves as they were no longer one people. With the Great Elven Schism came High Elves, Snow Elves, Wild Elves Shadow Elves all changed by the magic the fused with them. As magic became apart of almost everything on Dageth changing everything forever.


Merging of Magic

  All living thing that resided of Dageth have some type of magic flowing through their veins, granting them powers and abilities that no one thought possible. These changes can be simple as a change of color or the ability to produce fire from their mouth. Even plants are affected by magic as some can produce certain properties or even come alive. No matter where you go magic exists in mostly everything you see.  

Increase In Power

  Magic is more powerful when being used on Dageth due to the Awakening as the Caster feed on the magic around them to increase the power of their magic. With certain area increasing that magical power even more depending on the type of magic the caster is using. Even animals can feed on this magic and become stronger with it. Such as speed or strength granted by the magic they are apart of. It also more controllable in Dageth as well allowing caster to be less likely to feel the affects effected by the harmful  

Altered Logic

  Magic is something that defies the laws of the world and with the Awakening it just strengthens that idea. Nothing on Degeth flows the laws of nature as it does everywhere else. Plants do not need sunlight to survive, waterfalls having water flowing up them, animals that can talk are some of the many things that do no apply to the natural world.  

Signs of Corruption

  Most magic that is is connected to connect to the magics that are apart of the physical world. Allowing for all things to prosper and to live in harmony with all thing that inhabit it. But when Dark Magic come into play, the world around it can feel it and it changes when that magic is used. When ever magic is used the land around it absorbs it to become apart of it once more. But with Dark magic it corrupts and destroys the land around it, leaving it twisted and tormented as the magic itself. Even animals can be altered by this force as it can drive them mad and attack anything they com in contact with.


Magic can found all throughout the continent of Dageth in everything you come across. In certain areas a specific type of magic can be take over a certain type of magic can take over more then another. The Sky Isles of Hurol are one example as gravity is different in that area. Places such as these are very dangerous as they are more unpredictable as normal laws do no apply.
Metaphysical, Arcane

Physical Alterations

What were once normal plants and animals were changed from the very fiber of their existence as magic became apart of them, creating a uinque link to their world and all those around them.  

All Things Connected

As magic is connected to almost all things, they are apart of a larger picture. They have a special connection to the world around them that is apart of them. Something that only they can understand at all. As they are apart of the land and the land is apart of them as well.

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