Black Powder


The powder is used for its explosive reaction when in contact with any form of flame. These can be used in guns to fire high velocity rounds that can pierce through armor and thick hides or to create explosives for construction, mining and military purposes.


It is done through alchemy by mixing certain compounds together to create it. The only known ingredient to the powder is sulfur, how the rest of it is made is unkown.
From what Dwarven tomes that survived the Dragon War, it was said that Hendrew StoneHeart or Hedrew the Brilliant was the one responsible of creating Black Powder.
Access & Availability
Only the Dwarves and the Dwarven Kingdoms have access to it and it is considered a one of the most closely guarded secret.
No one knows how exactly it is made say of the Dwarves that make it have taken a vow to take it to the grave upon the penalty of death if it ever spoken to an outsider.
It was discovered accidentally by Dwarves after a freak lab accident.


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