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If I know one thing to be true in life is to never trust a Troll, they will most likely eat you before you get anything out of them. - Dwarf Miner

Basic Information


A Troll's biology is slightly different from most sentient species as their arms are much longer than their legs. Their legs are shorter as well making them look short despite their size. But their muscular and skeletal structure are strong yet flexible to withstand much force. They also have a tail that is long that is believed to help balance them

Biological Traits

Regeneration: Trolls can heal faster than most other races as their wounds can heal in only a few hours rather than days to properly heal. Meaning that they are more reckless when facing danger in front of them.   Hard Skin: A Troll's hide is hard to penetrate by normal means making it more like armor to protect them from harm. It also helps protect them from frost and fire when in contact with it.   Digger and Climbers: Despite their size, a Troll can easily dig a hole with their bare hands and are capable of climbing up just about anything.   Rock Eaters: Trolls can eat stone as a food source when other foods are scarce to find and sustain them much longer than regular food.   Black Blooded : Blood as black as the earth itself, the Trolls believe it is mostly due to them eating rocks becoming one with the earth itself.

Genetics and Reproduction

Trolls reproduce sexually and pregnancies last for a year and two months.

Growth Rate & Stages

Trolls take time to be fully grown often taking thirty years. As they grow their skin gets harder and their arms begin to grow longer. Their finger and toes nails start to curve at the front of them. Their tail grows longer as well to match their size

Ecology and Habitats

Troll thrive being underground, but they can live on the surface as the idea of trolls turning to stone in sunlight no longer applies anymore. But they just tend to live in caves and under hills. They tend to stay there as they don't like to travel a lot.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A Troll's diet is a bit odd as they eat things that people don't normally eat, such as rocks and fungus that would not settle well with someone. But they can eat things such as meat, which can be anything, and fruits and vegetable when they want to.

Biological Cycle

A Troll's skin tends to break every few months in order for new fresh skin to take its place.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Surface Lifestyle

  Trolls that live on the surface live in tight-knit tribal societies that live in caves and hill tath they call home. They are often ruled by an elder troll as they value the wisdom from their age that that guides them. Trolls often have their societies act like families rather than strict social groups as they are very social with one another. Often helping one another when they can and when they need to survive and act more independent to decide what they want to do.  

Deep Lifestyle

  Trolls that live in The Deep are much stricter than ones on the surface as they follow the old ways of life that date back thousands of years. Trolls often place in a caste system that often decides where they will be in life. The system itself often starts at the age of development rather than at birth to see what the child is most interested and when they reach adulthood they work the job for the rest of their lives. With everyone doing their part good of their settlement. But for a leader to be chosen it often has to do with the character of a Troll rather than birthright. Often proving themselves that they can lead and guide their people into the future.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Troll waste is often sought after by Dwarves as the rocks that they each end up becoming purified metals that can be used for forging purposes.

Facial characteristics

Rough, broad rock like faces

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Trolls are found on the Continent of Dageth.

Average Intelligence

Trolls are known for their excellent memory being able to identify things by just look at them and knowing hidden places that only they know about. They also know how to reverse engineer technology to better their interests.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Trolls sense of smell is highly developed so much that they can pinpoint the exact location of something, though their hearing is nothing special, they tend to feel the vibrations in the ground to know if something is around. Their eyesight however is something of a problem, as being underground for so long has made them sensitive to light, and have trouble seeing when they see too much of it. But they are still able to see in the dark quite easily.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male:Jojin, Rahjin, Hokajin, Vuzembi, Zulkaz, Ekon, Rashi, Tedar   Female: Hakalaigawa, Zelea, Hailith, Tirezi, Usitutie, Zonraja, Baliaja

Beauty Ideals

A Troll's only concerns in looking good are well-maintained fur and nice strong teeth. Fur often is nice and thick through grooming with brushes and bathing in dirt. Teeth are often filed to maintain the strength of teeth and eating rocks helps maintain sharpness.

Gender Ideals

In Troll society, the men are doing most of the work while the females remain at home. But females have a more important role in their society as they are considered keepers of tradition and builders of the earth. As females are more skill builders and as they are better diggers, and keep their traditions alive through oral history. Making them highly cherished by the males and fight to see who will receive mating rites for them.

Courtship Ideals

Female Trolls seeking a mate is a complex thing to see as it often has to do with their teeth, digging, and how good they can fight. Trolls value their teeth as they are strong enough to crush rock and to have bad teeth means that they do not take care of themselves. Digging is also important to Trolls are natural diggers that can dig through dirt and rock with ease. It is often the male that does the digging to find food and shelter. As for fighting, they have to be able to defend their home from anything that could threaten them. Which females will create a series of tests for multiple males to compete to earn their right to mate with the winner being accepted by the female.

Relationship Ideals

A female is everything to a male Troll as they are considered valued members of society. Meaning they will do everything that is need of them to consider themselves worthy of being their mate. In doing so the female rewards the male by bearing his children and loving him for being a hard worker dutiful mate. A female will be disappointed with their mate should they fail and if it happens too much they have the right to leave them.

Average Technological Level

Trolls tend to steal technology rather than make it to survive as they do not knowledge or skill to produce much of it. This is why they mostly steal from the Dwarves as a way to piss them off.

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Common Etiquette Rules


  All Trolls greet each other the same way as they are all kin to one another. This is just a simple gesture of interlocking one's hands together with one another as a sign of friendship with one another with only good things

Common Dress Code

Trolls are not the best at making clothing and just make crude clothing out of just about anything. Often with armor, wood, cloth, and leather that they manage to find or make on their own

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Children of the Earth

  The Trolls believe that they come from the earth itself their oral histories have told them so. This is why they prefer to stay close to it as much as possible when they can. This usually means living underground where they feel much at home where even that may be. This close connection to the earth has made them believe it is their right to rule over and use what they need to survive rather than just taking everything. They also know their way underground as well as they know of hidden ways that allow them to travel easily from place to place. Along with knowing the knowledge and resources that are found deep within the earth.  


  Troll are scavengers at heart as they tend to take whatever they find of value for themselves. The things that they take are often trash, forgotten things, or from foes that they have killed. Then they just do what they want with it, most Troll often wears the thing they find as clothing or piercings as it might prove some use to them. Then of course there are the resources that come with scavenging such as metal and food they can use to feed themselves and others. Things such as these are shared by a whole community if there is enough to go around.  

Benefactors of Technology

  Trolls may not be the brightest species around and are not capable of building advanced forms of technology, but it does not mean they are not good at using the technology of other races to their advantage. Trolls often reverse engineer it to meet their needs as they do not require complex tasks in their society. But it does not mean they can’t make their lives easier in using tools to aid them in their daily tasks. Even a complex machine can have it uses to them if they can see it.

Common Taboos

Laziness: A lazy Troll is something not tolerated in Troll society as they need to work hard to keep a community functioning properly.   Gluttony: A Troll believes that they should need to eat enough to live and to eat more than what they need is just letting others starve.


Ancient Rulers

  The Trolls were once the rulers of the Continent of Dageth from their mountain dwellings living off the earth itself. Though they never went outside due to their weakness to sunlight that turned them to stone when in it. The Troll was said to have a vast empire that’s a skill in tunnel systems and built their settlements into the stones themselves. But their interaction with the Dwarves were not a friendly. They believed that they were nothing but vermin due to their size and living in the forests as animals. They sought to eradicate them from the continent and every night they came from their dwellings to wipe out any they could find. But Dwarves fought back by creating weapons of iron and steel that could cut their thick skins. When they discovered a way to create artificial sunlight and turn them to stone in their own dwellings, the Trolls were forced from their dwelling in the mountains and forced into The Deep where they remained for many generations.  

The Awakening

  The Awakening was something of a boon that was beneficial to their survival. For they were altered completely as they could walk in the sunlight and no longer had to fear in the dark any longer. Their wounds healed faster as well making them less dependent on the medicine. But to live in the sun was harder than they realize as their eyes were accustomed to the dark. So they stole forge glass from Dwarves to protect their eyes from the sun. The Trolls also tried to reclaim their mountain-dwelling from as well, but their world was not the same as they once knew as the Dwarves were are strong than before and the Elves no ruled the lows lands making their attempts to fail. Force many back undergrounds with only a few living in caves refusing to go back to the dark.  

The Union of Blood

  The Trolls would not do much as they were outnumbered by the Dwarves and Elves that ruled the surface. But it would all change with the arrival of the Orcs on the continent. They quickly overwhelmed much of the continent despite their small number and laid waste to much of it. Despite a few clashes with them, the Orcs were more friendly with them as their blood was black as their and aid them in taking the surface with them. It was then that they bred with one another and brought forth the Ogres as the legacy of their union. The Trolls joining the black blood Hordes would claim their rightful vengeance on those who wrong them and gained more land of the surface with hills becoming their own new dwellings. The Black Plains would become their home on the surface and they would be safe away from the Dwarves and Elves. Here they would build a new life where their people no longer had to fear in the dark and live in the sun like all the rest. Building large settlements as their number grew with time and began to reform their way of life to better suit their needs now. Through they at times clash with Orcs on occasion they still considered trustworthy and at the time shared dwelling with the Ogres as well as they were their kin. They always stand behind a horde as they wish to claim more lands for themselves for their people to grow and prosper.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Troll is solitary creatures by nature and often want to just be left alone most of the time. But they are willing to have relationships with other black blooded races as they are treated like kin to them. But are often hostile to other races due to past hostilities between them. But they take it to a whole other level when it comes to Dwarves as they seek their destruction because they are the reason they live the way they do now.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
300 - 500 years
Conservation Status
Trill numbers hard to figure out due to them having their settlements hidden or otherwise hard to find.
Average Height
6’9” ft - 7’7” ft
Average Weight
351 lbs - 486 lbs
Average Physique
A Troll is as strong as they come as their sheer size give them unbelievable amounts of strength to use.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Grey with different colored furs
Geographic Distribution


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