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You best be prepared lad when you hear the drums of an Orc Warband. For they fight with such savagery that even we Dwarves have trouble dealing with. - Dwarf Guard

Basic Information


Bulky Humanoid bodies with a pair of arms and legs. Muscular and skeletal structures are dense and hard.

Biological Traits

Strength: Orcs are far stronger than most other races around and they use that to their advantage every time. It is said that some can even bend iron if they really want to.   Resilience: there is an old proverb, “To fight an Orc is to fight a rock,” which means that they are hard to take down and their bodies can withstand many diseases and a certain amount of poison while they are at it.   Iron stomach: the daily meal of an Orc consists of just about everything. Orcs stomachs are designed to digest things that most other animals can’t even eat, making food not that hard to come across.   Rage: Nothing has more anger than an Orc and they use that anger to cause devastating in battle, along with receiving an insult.   Black Blooded: It is uncertain how one's blood is black instead of red but has placed the Orcs as one of the few black blood races that exist in the world.

Genetics and Reproduction

Orcs reproduce sexually with pregnancies last for five to six months.

Growth Rate & Stages

Orcs can grow an an alarming rate as they can adulthood at fourteen years old. During this time they build muscle and their tusks begin to grow larger and larger as they grow.

Ecology and Habitats

Orcs are capable of surviving in many different forms of environments and are able to adapt to them. Often taking all the resources in an area before leaving to new feeding grounds when the time comes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Orcs hunt and forage for their food often being anything that is edible to them. Often storing for later use and guard it from anything that might take it.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Nomad Lifestyle

  Orcs tribes that live on land tend to travel where the food goes. Orcs of these groups often value strength over everything else. With males often having who are stronger having more influence and rights then weaker ones. But those who know a certain skill or craft are considered valued as well and even smart Orcs often have power in their way.  

Fleet Lifestyle

  As the Orcs came from the sea, many of them have stuck to living at sea rather than on land. Orcs such as these often are more organized and skilled as they live a dangerous life at sea. Their society is hierarchical like that on a ship with everyone doing their part to survive. Only willpower and skill are favored here and it tells what your current position is.

Facial characteristics

Broad heavy faces with tusks coming out of lower canines.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Orcs are only found on the continent of Dageth, often on the Black Plains and several other places at sea, in mountains and swamps.

Average Intelligence

Despite Orcs being so angry, they often just leave that to the battlefield. They are often skilled survivalists and navigators. Often being able to live in places that are hard for other races to live in. Their understanding of warfare is quite advanced as well as tactics and siege equipment are used by them. But they know when to move when they have to as they have an understanding of how the land needs to heal.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Senses of smell and hearing are highly developed, while sight is average.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male: Madur, Vambag, Khargol, Borgan, Vukgilug, Yunkathu   Female: Grutta, Vasha, Drogga, Lanri, Mogak, Shel

Beauty Ideals

Orcs strength above anything things else which means a fit body can be all the difference for someone to take interest in you.

Gender Ideals

Orcs have very few differences between genders as both do just about the same thing from fighting to hunting. The only things about them are females are meant to be submissive to the males when married to them and. That they stay at home to look after their children.

Courtship Ideals

Orcs are straight forward when it comes to looking for a mate. It is often done by males that search for a female that is untaken. It often has to do with the strength that a male has to show that they will be able to produce strong offspring. Often bring a trophy a predictor or an enemy that they have killed. Once the trophy has been accepted, they both go into ceremonial combat with one another known as Futuk, with the idea of the male beat the female in single combat to be accepted by her as his mate. If the male loses though his right to the female is denied until he tries again. Once married they wear a necklace of bones of the animal the male killed as a sigh of acceptance.

Relationship Ideals

The union between Orcs is something an oddity as they are quite affectionate with one another. Though it requires the male and the number of females that he has under him to have a position of strength, as only the strong can produce strong children to pass on. Though this does not mean that they are less compassionate about one another. Orcs hold their mates dear to them as they love them the way they are no matter what they look like and will cherish every single one of them.

Average Technological Level

Orcs may not look like it, but they are highly developed races that prefer durability and usefulness over craftsmanship and design. Though all of their buildings, weapons, and equipment look like it was made out of trash, it is much stronger than one could realize as they use whatever they have to make them last as long as possible. They also know how to travel as they can pack up and leave a place without anyone knowing that they were there in the first place.

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Common Etiquette Rules

Orcs tend to be very physical when it comes to socializing with one another, but they know the boundaries of who should do want with one another.  


  Friend/Siblings: Friends and siblings are often open with one another saying hello by punching each other in the shoulder. It is a sign of trust and friendliness with no hostility between one another. Unless it's a friendship between male and married female, they are not allowed to do this due to her only being to be touched by her husband. Instead, a simple pound to their chest is the safest way to say hello.   Parent: Parentage in Orc society is something of an eat or be eaten sort of thing as parents often just care for their strong children, leaving the weak to die unless they managed to become strong with time. Children often hold out a raised fist in front of their parent and if the parent accepts them they will envelop their hand over their fist.   Elder/Leader/Shaman: Despite Orcs favoring strength above all else, they respect their elders as even though their strength has faded long before them, they managed to live for so long due to the strength they once had. Elders are met with respect by receiving fists connected at the knuckles. Leaders also receive this honor as they are the strongest to lead them and deserve such respect. Along with a shaman as they are spiritual leaders that know the ways of the world.   Spouse: When married both male and female spouses are forbidden to touch the opposite sex ever again as they are bound to one another through their marriage unless they are family it is okay. They often hug as it is the most compassionate thing to do with one another.

Common Dress Code

Orcs wear clothing made of the things they have killed. Along with pieces of armor and bone that are attached to the hides they wear. But clothing doesn't matter to most of them don't even cover themselves up properly and leave muscle exposed. It matters little if they are male or female.

Culture and Cultural Heritage


  To an Orc, war is just like breathing, they don't know how to live without it. But every they despite their brutality and savagery has their own rule that must be followed. They believe in honor and fight those who can fight back, by killing them they keep whatever belonged to them as it's theirs now. It doesn't matter what it is as long worthwhile and can use it for later use. Things such as gold and silver have no value to them as they do nothing for them, but they can be a display of power and Orcs tend to like shiny things. Those who are spared by them are often taken as slaves to serve them. It is often favored for an Orc to die in battle rather than old age as they wish to die strong rather than become weak and frail.  


  There is more to an Orc than just a savage beast, they believe in higher powers just as anyone else. Theirs are the Spirits of their ancestors and the land around it. They often seek favors from these Spirits to bring good fortune to their people or themselves. It also creates a sense of knowing one place in the world as no one can claim to be greater than the world itself. They are always thankful for what the land gives to them and ensure that everything has a chance to regrow to sprout new life for later use. It also has created superstition amongst them as well they often take omens as signs of both good and bad things to come. The shamans  


  To survive is to live for an Orc as they live in a harsh world that preys upon the weak and favors the strong. They care little for luxuries and creating roots for themselves as it makes them and their descendants decadent and docile, making them weak for the world to wipe them out. The only true way to live is to roam where the food is and take what is needed before moving on to the next place. All the while using everything that they can get their hands on to survive and not wasting anything for even the most unlikely of things have their uses. Through this, the strong will thrive and the weak will be culled. It is the best way to live as they are not bound to any place and free to do as they please and ensure that their values are never forgotten. To keep moving is life and to stay put is to die in their eyes and that might as well in their case and they will keep doing so until none remain.

Common Taboos

Weakness: To be weak is not to be an Orc, for only the strong survive in this world and the weak perish.   Treachery ; A true Orc always face a challenge head-on, never from the shadows or behind closed doors as it is considered cowardly.   Adultery: Marriage is a sacred thing that should not be broken for spouses who seek another other than their partner, those who are caught are punished accordingly by law.


Unknown Origins

  The Orcs are considered a mystery to many as they came from nowhere one day from the sea and onto Dageth. It wasn’t long after that managed to lay waste to half of the continent, wiping out the elven Kingdom of Elvares and destroyed dozens of Dwarven holds as their large hordes remain unopposed. What’s more, is that they formed a union with the Trolls as they consider each other as kin due to their distinct black blood. In doing this they soon began to breed with them and created the Ogres, strengthening their numbers in the process. It took many decades and the combined forces of both Elves and Dwarves to drive them to the Black Plains where they remain to this day. But have often caused terror along the borders as well through raiding.  

Bringers of War

  Orcs are considered one of the few races that thrive on conflict due to their physiology and brutality when dealing with their enemies. Often gaining large amounts of resources and causing mass destruction while doing so. Most of this often has to do with the formation of Black Blood Hordes them leading them are they are the most populated of them. Orcs however do not take pleasure in endless slaughter and only do it for survival as they have no forms of agriculture and are primarily hunters. That and their fast reproduction rate makes their numbers soar and causing resources to be thinned out. It was only natural with their size and strength that they would take resources from others to suit their needs. Though this has created a warrior culture and fighting is a sacred thing for an Orcs as to fight is to bring honor to one’s self and dies in battle is another such glory. Causing them to master warfare at a more sophisticated rate, often through force and numbers to overwhelm their foes in battle.  

Bonds the Bind

  A relationship is a sacred thing to an Orc as they are strong believers in communities and friendships where everyone is involved. Showing a whole different layer of them that few people ever see outside of Orc society. Family is important and will stand with one another even if they are divided by society. Orcs tend to have strong connections with those who share the same blood with them. Though sibling rivalries are common, it is often done with good sportsmanship and a desire to better themselves through it. Blood packs have been formed with one another and other black blood races to the bonds that they forge with one another. This is often through battle or some form of experience that they have had together. It is a sacred thing to hold onto as to have someone to be by your side is something that all should cherish.  

Coming and Going

  Orcs have no place that they truly call home since they have arrived on Dageth. Instead, they have been living a nomadic lifestyle instead of claiming lands of their own due to maintaining resources. They often only stay in a place for a time until they move on when resources become depleted and only return when it had been replenished. These are often done through migration paths known as Kru'dulma or life paths that each Orcs groups have considering their right as their ancestors have used them for generations. These paths are not permanent though as other groups may challenge the right to use them often through warfare or a challenge. Orcs will always exploit all of the resources that they have to take from an area as it is need for survival but will leave enough for it to be used again later. This goes for hunting and raiding as well as completely wiping them out will cause nothing but suffering for them later on.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Orcs are not the friendliest of races but they considered others that have black blood as close kin. Making Troll, Ogres, and Half-Orcs their only decent relationship when they are not fighting each other. As for all the others such as Elves and Dwarves they are sworn enemies of them and continue to fight them to this day.
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
50 - 60 years
Conservation Status
There are tens of thousands of them roaming around.
Average Height
6’0” ft - 7’5” ft
Average Weight
280 lb - 340 lb
Average Physique
Orc is physically stronger than other races and can lift thing that is larger than themselves and break things that are tough and durable.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Green, Grey
Geographic Distribution


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