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Continent of Dageth


Sky Isles of Hurol: A large series of floating Isles that exist above the Fields of Orios. Here gravity has no power and they have remained floating for thousands of years. It is said to contain many rare minerals and plant life.   High Forged Mountains: A massive mountain range that cover almost a fourth of the entire continent. They some of the highest mountains in the world with legend has it that you could grab a star is you reached the top of one of them. The snow covers these mountains are deep enough to swallow a man whole if they are not too careful. Here the Dwarven kingdoms lie within them in their holds and fortresses.   Black Plains: A Place of untold danger resides here as great beasts roam the land. Along with the Black Blooded races of Orcs, Trolls and Ogres that make their home here. Making the term watch you step to be taken seriously as death could happen to you at any time.   The Woodlands: An enchanted forest found on the subcontinent of Gesla, here the land is always warm and winter never comes. It is where nature has been untouched by the influences of civilizations. Here the Wild Elves make their home here in tribal societies one with nature.   Forest of Vildreaya: The largest forest on the continent that makes up the much of the Kingdom of Vilneria. Many cities and towns can be found in it as the High Elves have found ways to avoid clearing the trees out by enveloping them into their settlements.   Fields of Orios: It is considered a sacred place by the Elves as it is where the Awakening happen and the schism began. Here it is considered neutral ground no one is to settle on it. It has consider the border the Free Elven States and the kingdom of Kingdom of Vilneria   Stone Hills: A rocky hill terrain that are rich in minerals that make the Hill Dwarves of the region powerful and wealthy. It is one of the most protected areas in the land as well to ensure it stays that way.   Frozen Hills: These hill are covered more with ice and snow rather actual earth. Here the Hill Dwarves live in home made of ice and live deep beneath the surface for warmth. There known to be fierce and savage o ensure their survival.   White Valleys: Deep valleys that are found below the High Forge Mountains. Though snow covers the land it is teeming with life as even plants have grown the harsh environment. Here the Snow Elves make their home as the travel across it.   Evergreen Hills: Lush grassy hills surrounding the Blue Valley. It is one of the only places in Dageth where Elves and Dwarves live in peace. It has since become a place of understanding and learning between both races.   Telderi Mountains: A smaller range of mountains that are home to the Thunder Eagles that make their nests here. It is surrounded by many valleys and meadows below it rich in game. Though many do not get to close to them or might end up getting eaten by the eagles.   Blue Valley: Often called this due to the Yalma River that covers most of the area. The valley is often used to for fishing as it is hold large fish called Gobbers that can feed several people at a time. It has also become a fortified position by the Kingdom of Vilneria in case Black Bloods decided to use the rivers to attack settlements.   Swamps of Hagthul: A desolate place to go to as the swamps plant life tends to eat anything it catches. Orc tribes tend to make their home here and are infamous for the poisons that they make here from the plants and animals. It is also difficult to travel through as the terrain of the swamp changes with every season.   Plains of Kerenor A peaceful place to live in with roaming fields and meadows that make for good farmland. But it is often attacked by Black Blood raiding parties that find it easy to attack. Which is why the region has been fortified with forts and outposts that make it easier to spot them.   Cliffs of Belathor: A large set of cliffs that span much of the southern coast and are said the glisten like jewels when the sun hits them. It is here that the Endless Falls can be found here as well. It is said that the cliffs are hundreads of feet tall and if you fell down it no one would find you body as their would be nothing left to find.   Peninsula of Ash: A ruined region that was long ago destroyed by Black Bloods as it was once a stronghold of the Kingdom of Vilneria. All that remains are ruins and empty landscape of what was once full of life.   Forest of Westhal: The second largest forest on the continent were the Free Elven States reside. The region is full of many plants that can be used in medicine as well as poisons. Most settlements can be found in trees in order to not disturb the wildlife. Along it some of the trees as they send to migrate as the season change.   Coast of Agnol: A coast line filled with tall trees that are said to grow back twice as fast if they were ever cut down. This is difficult to do as the wood itself is hard as Stone giving it the name Stone Wood. Which is why the Dwarves use it for their weapons and tools to to its durability.   Islad Coast: This coast was where the Elves originally landed and since that time it has some of the largest coastal harbors in the kingdom of Kingdom of Vilneria. Buliding som of the greatest ships in the kingdom.   Bay of Beasts: Great sea monster live in those waters as they make it a nesting ground for themselves. Though it is possible to avoid them and sail through it, it is not recommended as some of the are large enough to split a ship in two if you encounter one.   Savage Gulf: A region that no one goes too as the it is infested with Black Bloods along its coastline. Often building ships to raid the land across it and taking slaves when they can. It is also heavily fortified on the Kingdom of Vilneria's side to ensure that it does not happen.   The Deep: A massive series of caverns and tunnels that span across the entire continent. It is a place of both danger and mystery as many creatures live down here from Trolls to Shadow Elves. It has many Dwarven ruins in them that date back thousands of year before they fell to the Black Blood Hordes centuries prior.


The Rise of the Forge

Since anyone could long remember their were two races that lived on the continent, the Trolls that lived high in the mountains and the Dwarves that lived in the forests and hills. Both races stayed away from one another for a time, until the Trolls began to detest the Dwarves and wised to remove them from the world as they did not wish to share the land with them. Thus a long and bloody war ensued, with both sides at a stalemate. Until the Dwarves came to the mountains and created the first forge to create armor and weapons of metal which was said to have gifted to them by the mountains. With it they drove out the Trolls and claimed the mountains as their own and began to worship them as they soon gave them wealth and power. In time they built holds and fortresses that would eventually become kingdoms as they became the rulers of the entire continent high from their mountain homes. Where they would continue to grow in power and conquer as the wiped out the Wryms deep within the earth the destroyed the mountain and began to travel throughout The Deep with many places they mined and called home.    

The Dragon War

Though the Dwarves were a dominant power, their greed became to great as their halls filled with gold and gems. This would bring about Dragons that would see to have this wealth themselves. Lead to a war between them and the dragons that would last for a century. But Dwarven metal seemed to be no match for the primal force of Dragons as they slowly drove them extinction. But once more the mountains seemed to have given salvation as the accidental creation of Black Powder gave them a fighting chance. They built cannon and rifles to to pierce their thick hides. So enough the tables had turned and the dragon were all but extinct as very few remained and the Dwarves rebuilt their homes and became more powerful then ever before. Building greater machines and technology as they went as it was their future.  

The New Arrivals

But soon enough a new people came from the east of the Ildrean Ocean, known as the Elves. They had fled from their home in the Western Lands of the Continent of Kinath from the Beastmen that sought to destroy them. The Dwarves themselves cared little about these new faces in their lands, but the pleads and the lost of their homes reminded them of their own past. They gave them the forests, plains and valleys to live to settle on and in time they flourished. In this time, the Kingdom of Vilneria was built by the Elves and magic was soon discovered by them as they had no knowledge of it in their own homeland. Making them more powerful as their numbers grew. In these times though the Dwarves and Elves did not bother in interacting with each other as they were vastly different form one another.  

The Awakening

Everything would change with the division of the Elves unity. Many groups wished to follow different paths believing it was the right choice for their people.Then all out war soon ensued as the High Queen of the Elves, Imadra was murdered by Elves who practiced the dark art of magic. This led to the War of Light and Dark as kinsmen turn against one another for the fate of their people. This war would last for decades as the understanding of magic improved as time went on as it became more and more powerful. This would lead into one final clash between both sides as on the Plains of Orios and that battle would forever be known as the Battle of Fates. A great clash of magic ensued as the two greatest magic users of their age clashed with one another as their magic grew more and more powerful as the clashed with one another. In that moment a massive explosion of magic energy enveloped the battle and many where killed. When the dust settled, magic had altered everything across the land, except for the Dwarves for some reason. Afterwards the Great Elvish Schism began as the new races of elves altered by the magic divided and went their separate ways, ending the war. This event would forever be known as the Awakening and the land would forever be altered.  

The Clash of the Ages

With time the tensions between the Elves and the Dwarves rose more and more as they failed to cooperate with one another. As industrialization of the Dwarves and the Elves honoring nature only created a greater gap between them. But eventual it lead to another war that would divide the continent once more, of course no one knew who struck the first blow as both sides blamed one another. The War of Wood and Stone was a conflict that few people could ever imagine as the chaos and carnage was seen all over the land as the land was filled with the bead on both sides and each one wanted to put the other in their place as the centuries went by. But the unexpected happened one day when another race came from the Great Blue and land in the southern plains.   The day that the Orcs landed on Dageth was a day that would go down in infamy as they left death and destruction where ever they went. They slaughtered all that stood in their way, except for the Trolls who banded together with them as their blood was they same as one another. They soon bred with one another and with it the monstrous Ogres soon came into being and with time the First Black Blood Horde soon came forth into the world with fire and death. Their rampage was more bloody then the War of Wood and Stone as the First Black Horde War tore apart the land. In this moment the quarrels of the Dwarves and Elves soon ended as those that remained joined together to fight against a common enemy. By the time was finally over, the numbers of all races were few as the land was left in ruins and each side retreated to their own lands. The Elves and Dwarves soon made peace and formed an alliance with one another. The fortified their new borders and have been fighting each horde of Black Bloods ever since.  

The Current State of the Continent

A long peace has existed across the land for a long time now, as every race goes about their lives. The Dwarves have advanced greatly over the years and Elves have experinced an age of culture and prosperity. But once more a storm rises across the Black Plains as a new horde gathers one that may as well be one of the greatest ones ever to be formed. All prepare their weapons and armor as another clash seems to be inevitable. But something something is odd this time around as the horde does not act naturally as it once did as if something or someone is pulling the strings from the shadows.
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The Homeland
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A Land of Magic

  Since the Awakening the continent has almost entirely been altered with magic infused into everything. Which has altered both animals and plant life in many different ways that may seem unnatural to some. Even so natural laws of nature do not apply anymore as magic as altered it to act differently in some places.  

An Uneasy Peace

Many time have their been war the engulfed the entire continent and each time it has become a stand still. Leading to a long peace afterwards, but it could end at any moment if someone causes a situation to occur. But this does not mean raids and border skirmishes are not uncommon though. With settlements who find themselves on them are heavily fortified and well armed in case of attack.


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